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state machines Edit In C, my favourite way of representing a state machine is with state handler functions, taking an event pointer as an argument and returning a function pointer to the function representing the next state. It is readable, compact, fast and easy to add new states and events.

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ARM9 TINY2416 + 7 inch touch screen , 64M Ram 256M Nand Flash, S3C2416 Development Board ARM kit , Linux Wince6. Mini PCIe, supports 3G card. (6x5cm). from

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* Openembedded linux arm processor
*  Gadgetboard
*  Design via codeblocks

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AD558 , ltc8043 Multiplying dac , pcf8591, DAC0830, MCP4706A0T

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Slotted fiber for microwave

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Place Customs code 8542.31.3 mega pinout RAMPs

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