Automatic gate openers Edit

Petrol is poured on the machine and set alight, burning it out so that the gate freewheels on the gear and is easily opened. Attach a

* temperature sensor.
* Ultra-violet sensor to detect flames - See BoMarc
* vibration sensor. 
* Ultrasonic sensor, as the covering gets burnt away it will detect the open sky.
* ambient light sensor inside the gate-opener box.

The temperature sensor will detect the heat from the burning box. Interface the circuits to RS485 - ["RS485"].

Serial camera inside box Edit

Place a SerialCameras or Raspberry pi inside the box. On detecting motion as the casing melts it will stream an image over the RS485 or Zigbee RadioModems link to the base.

speed of gate Edit proximity of gate and speed of gate allowing a robbery

Gate opened by force Edit

  • Intruders force open the gate because the gate opener is designed for opening gates, not preventing their forced opening. The gear keeping the gate closed can only withstand so much force before allowing the gate to slide open. Using a 20 ton car jack, the gear on the motor is broken. It is not the scope nor function of a gate opener to prevent the gate from being forced open, it will require an excessive worm gear box. Place HallsEffect switches on the gate to detect it being opened without the remote control. See for Z-axis motion.

steel rod Edit

Steel rod must be welded to the gate that can shift up and down using a stepper motor, Z-axis combination. The gate opener must only be used to physically open the gate and close it, not to prevent a forced opening of the gate.

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