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Subject: Re: [MeshAPuser] What is the best setup for backhaul

At 00:20 +0200 28/7/06, Alex Jonceski wrote: >Does anybody has one of the following meshAP configuration >implemented and which one is best performing option to have. I want >one channel for backhaul and second channel for clients: > >1. MeshAP with two 802.11b cards. One interface wlan0 for >backhaul second interface wlan1 for clients?

Yes - with a WRAP board and mini-PCI cards, and with a VIA MII board which has onboard PCMCIA slot.

> >2. MeshAP with one interface wlan0 for backhaul and standard AP >attached to the eth0 port of the MeshAP on different channel. Ex: 1 >and 11.

Yes, numerous times - easiest to do.

> >3. MeshAP with two mPCI cards. One 802.11a card using wlan0 >interface for backhaul and second card 802.11b using >wlan1 interface for clients.


> >Right now all our nodes are WRAP based with one 802.11b Senao mPCI >using channel 11. I want to increase throughput and nodes >performance by implementing one of the above setup configuration >options. > >Can anybody tell me the steps how to convert the nodes according to >each option I have mentioned above. How to keep current channel 11 >for clients. Do I have to bring each node to the shop? etc...

If you are using WRAP boards, you need to get the second card into the unit. Probably easiest done by bringing the nodes back (or at least swapping them around). Atheros cards will default to first interface if the second one is Prism. All you need to do is to make sure that the relevant settings are put in for the device in Wiana.

> >I have installed a CM9 card in node but iwconfig command does not >report the card being installed. What I am missing? Is CM9 card >compatible with MeshAP software.

Yes - but....

CM9s are now working with Pro. I have heard that they can work with the latest OS version, but I haven't tried it myself. Since they have had to have numerous recent changes on the Pro version to iron out bugs, and there haven't been the same changes on the OS version, my guess is that functionality on the OS version will be distinctly limited and very alpha.