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I am trying to run a secure mesh network. VPN is not enough as clients can pass there username and password to friends and this is not acceptable. Please someone tell me the answer, otherwise I will have to visit my local Gypsy Fortune teller see if she knows! Craig

> With vpn you need to authorise by username and password this is the nature > of VPN > Im trying to setup a VPN connection to MeshAP. In the realm if the > VPN Account is set too MAC Auth or Username+Password then it connects > no problem. But if the account is set to MAC Auth + Username+Password

lasdkjf Edit

1. By what mechanism is the block applied? 2. Is the block made immediately? 3. Similarly, is the reallow effective immediately? 3. Does it apply only on the node concerned? (In other words, can the client still connect to another node?) > then it will not connect. > Is anyone using a VPN account in this way? Any reason why it won't > work with Mac+Username?