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Bridged Wireless network Edit

Did anyone tried using DHCP server of 1 Gateway only, ie turning off repeater nodes' and other gateways' dhcp server on the same network off so everyone could get an ip address in the same range ie 192.168.x.y ?

I don't think this would work, as the routing would fail to find where the boxes are. You are describing a bridged wireless network, and the LW one is a routed network.

I asked about how to roam between nodes seamlessly or at least using the same ip so client do not have to renew ip address each time it >changes the node it connected to.

Main aim doing so is not only to make mobile clients roam seamlessly but also if a fixed client getting signals more than one direction then wi-fi adapter changes the node it connected time to time causing to lose ip and renewing it takes time again and this happens sometime annoyingly often. can anyone offer a solution or offer and idea how to test it? MobileIP is designed to get around this problem, or you can have a look at the work they are doing at SOWN


Links Edit

See ["DHCP"]