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Cellid and wiana Edit

Wiana's trunkated many or possibly all node names, I cloned settings then changed the cellid to avoid conflict. However the other one did work when I changed a bunch of settigns incuding a completley different cell id. One of the nodes in question fixed its self. No Idea how it managed it. Yesterday an "Orphaned" node was checking it, Actully it seems to have been a normal node that checking in twice. same hardware key etc. That node was working when I left last night now its gone. Not visible on the net or internet. Its our main GatewayNotes node too.

I'm hopeingto have my Mesh WDS Pebble / OpwentWRT system up and running by then. it nearly works.....Then in going to put all those meshAP flash cards in a blender. And dance around singing "woot!". Anyone know wht my boxes have now decided to not work and give connected to gateway messages every 3 seconds? Looks like you might have two nodes with the same CELLID 129 - this leads to the first one building the tunnel to - then the second one builds a tunnel to, which tears down the first tunnel. Which then reconnects and tears down the second tunnel.

CellID settings .xxx address Edit

Set CellId to same or similar to last number of Mesh Box IP to help identification - default behaviour See DhcpServices and StaticAndSubnet

* Manage one of those nodes and increment Cell ID1 in the Core Settings section.
* The Make Changes and check you managment overview page again.

Cloned a "stable" node (foolishy said yes to everything without thinking) to my new one and I'm getting the following error message. {{{

    WARNING: Duplicate cell ID between c81de05dfa255dfdef0fa60f09e01146 / NODE02 and ad657255fc5cfc0573570081cc30201e / NODE01 on cell id 171
    WARNING: Duplicate cell ID between ad657255fc5cfc0573570081cc30201e / NODE01 and c81de05dfa255dfdef0fa60f09e01146 / NODE02 on cell id 171