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mqtt Edit Capable embedded electronics are getting cheaper, and most tinkerers have thought at some point about enhancing their lives by automating some aspect of their home. This workshop will equip the participants with the basic knowledge required to wifi-enable household objects, and respond to sensors such as switches, sound, and light. Particpants will learn how to script behaviours on the ESP8266 wifi module using the LUA scripting language, communicate to a central server using MQTT (a message passing protocol), and build complex behaviours using the NodeRed drag & drop environment. links to

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Up to 400 devices on a single serial RS-232 port with free Windows automation software. The Weedtech system is one of the simplest to use. One can implement an alarm system defining custom events and triggers with a GUI windows interface.

*   Misterhouse uses these cards with Perl scripting

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Use RS485, CAN bus and InfraRedLeds for an alarm circuit wireless can be jammed: While most home burglars are not necessarily the most sophisticated, I have read a few reports of the ease of use of hacking the LaserShield. This basically involves breaking the communication between the base unit and sensors, such as by just having a two way radio turned to the same frequency and sending some noise over it to break reception. The base unit does not seem to regularly poll the remote sensors from what I can tell, and so is unaware of a break in communication. Engadget has a video demonstrating the hack here

While little security is better than none, I still think its important to understand the risks of poorly designed wireless security system devices versus well designed ones or even more conventional wired security system devices.


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* Discussion forum

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X-10 has their own forums. Smarthome has forums dedicated to several of their product lines. Cocoon Tech and other commercial and non-commercial forums discuss HA and Home Theater topics.

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Use misterhouse to interface to the EMC alarm panels from

* Power432™ PC580
* Power632™ PC1555MX
* Power832® PC5010/5015
* Power864™ PC5020

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Purchase PIR lenses from http://localhost:8080/OpticalManufacturers and reverse engineer Paradox PIR outdoor passives retailing for R500 via BoMarc. This will allow us to manually build an outdoor petsafe PIR for R100.

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If you want to detect a roof intrusion, use impact detectors on the underside of the roof.

The GS600-W Inertia shock sensor can be installed on glass, walls and roofs.

Vibration sensor Edit Protect safe with vibration sensor. $12

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Detect movement across the lawn use seismic detectors. You can also use medium range microwave "beams" which consist of a transmitter and separate receiver.

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If you want to sleep with open windows consider using wired alarm screens. When wired properly these are difficult to defeat

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*  RoBotics arm manipulator

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* What part of this could Savoy's CyberHouse v4.x (released ca 1999) not do?
* What part of this can/could Premise Systems not do?
* What part of this can HomeSeer not do? 

n my HA system there are three subsystems that use full duplex RS-485 (Elk M1G, Aprilaire, Napco.) and two that use half-duplex (Elk MM443s and Ivie audio auto-mixers). And then there's DMX which as typically implemented, uses half of a full duplex -- which is not the same as "half-duplex" ;-)

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* NEL-TECH         LKC-50         uP controlled control/alarm panel 

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As just one example, HomeDaemon now explicitly supports the CA9000 Intermatic PIR. That is, it knows how to manage the device in "battery friendly" mode, including keeping track of the battery power level.

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<> wrote:
>I have a gate at the front of my driveway and at least once a month I
>have to leave it open for the power company so they can read my
>meter.  I recently got my camera system conntect to the internet so I
>can watch my house from work.  It is a novilty now I know.  Well I
>just saw the power company leave and thought how cool it would be if I
>could now close the gate.  The gate opens and closes with a standard
>garage door opener.  What would be the best way to do this?

You could use a servo to push the buttons on the remote. I use
servos for pan/tilt cams over the web. The first link below uses
javascript to send a position command when the button is pushed,
and send another position when the button is released. If you can
see the gate with your cam, then you could push the closed button
on the remote untol the gate is closed, then release the button.
The bottom link has another pan/tilt cam setup.


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EventGhost Edit Windows home automation

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