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wireless bridges and mesh box connectivity Edit

Do you really want to bridge, or just have the LAN use the mesh for an Internet connection? If the latter, you need to set the device (sounds like a PheeNet WAP11) to AP Client mode. Also make sure the ESSID is exactly the same as the mesh, including case and spaces (if you use any).

I've recently bought a few 802.11 wireless bridge/AP from Solwise in the hope of bridging an existing lan to the mesh but it seems the two wireless devices are not talking The bridge manufacturer is unknown (Chinese origin) but refers to Admtek in the web admin panel. I am wondering if there is any general tweaking needed on the MeshAp though in order for this to work. So far the only changes I have made are to the bridge specifying the Channel id, the ESSID (to match the ESSID of the mesh box) and that is to operate in Bridge mode. Other configurable settings I have kept as default {{{ basic rate - 2mb data rates - 11mb preamble type - long Beacon Interval - 10 TS Threshold - 2000 Fragmentation Threshold - 0 BSSSID 00-00-00-00-00-00 }}}