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At 12:16 am -0600 5/12/04, David Davault wrote: >I am seeing the exact same problem with my network. It was not much >of a problem at first but has become a major problem as the network >has grown (26 active nodes now). This would not be so much of >a problem if there was an easier way to block unwanted >nodes automatically right now every time a node reboots I have to >manually shell in and block unwanted routes. My current solution >is to put in another gateway on a separate channel and different >ssid and segregating the network to help eliminate some of the work. >I am currently on dev 90 but have had this same problem on dev 81 85 >and 88 I did not have this problem on dev 76 but the network was >much smaller back then too. I may try reverting everything back to >dev 76 before the line for the new gateway goes in next week. I >will keep you posted if I find a GOOD solution to this problem. >

If you are using the OS code, then you can simply create a cron job to manually block the nodes you want every hour or so (which allows you to use it with the automatic retest parameter, so you can also have automatic blocking working as well).

The way to do this to edit /hj/buildcrontab which will allow it to persist across reboots - you will need to re-edit this if you upgrade the node, but this is true with any local edits (you can run this into a script to automatically scp the edited files to all nodes after an upgrade).

You can edit MINSIG through wiana (or by editing /etc/wiana.settings). This is what I normally use to stop a node going via a weaker signal. You can have minsig values for individual nodes, which allows you to tweak settings for particular nodes.