The Dappermuis telecoms license before VANS ruling Edit

The Dappermuis license is one the most powerful communications licenses available in South Africa. It is more powerful than a Vans license but slightly less than a Telkom PSTN license. With a PSTN license Telkom can lay underground ducting in your backyard without your permission. But with a Dappermuis license all I need is your permission to lay CableFlex ducting in your backyard. Most people at present are cutting the roads using the 007 license , I want to encourage you not to be a coward but use the Dappermuis license and upload your video to

The Dappermuis license is also used to cut through tar roads - DirectBuriedDuct - with councils passive support. The Dappermuis license combined with the Vans license is equivalent to a PSTN license. If you phone and they will explain to you why.

Dappermuis license after VANS ruling Edit

There is no more need really to use the Dappermuis license because there are 600 Vans license holders who can now get lea-ways from local council to tunnel under roads. This though can be a long winded process so I would suggest to just go ahead in any case and establish a TelephoneNetworkRollout using HorizontalDirectionaldrilling using a FrontingCompany. A Vans tunneling through your garden would now in effect own that ducting, which isn't a good idea. ParkMore for example have somehow convinced people to pay for ducting which will then wind up belonging to Neotel! The idea is that the community owns the network and anybody can steam anything on it. Internet can be purchased from anywhere and has got nothing to do with the physical network, but like CctvCameras is just another service on the network.

The NPA don't care what you do with fiber Edit

But whatever license you choose to use, just remember one thing:

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