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Repeater does not recognize Internet uplink Edit

>I've been trying to set up a mesh network with Linux PCs and notebooks. The mesh gateway works fine and clients can very easily get Internet access from it. Problem comes when I tried to set up repeater nodes though. From the FAQ it said I only have to boot a PC with the MeshAP CD to make it a repeater node. But when it actually boots up, it prints "No uplink connectivity" in tty1.

Running "route -n" and cat-ing /proc/aodv/route_table shows two routes to the GateWayNotes (the 1.x.x.x route and the 11.x.x.x route - I've modified 10.x.x.x to 11.x.x.x on both nodes since my office LAN uses 10.x.x.x),

yet no DefaultRoute (i.e. is pointed to the mesh gateway. Putting a>client machine in range of the repeater will give it a 192.168.x.y IP and a>default gateway pointing to the repeater. Opening a web browser on that>client shows the LocustWorld login screen with a no uplink warning.

>>I've tried fiddling with both the repeater and the gateway nodes but had no>luck. Could someone kindly provide a hint on what went wrong in my >situation? Thanks.

1. I suspect that you haven't changed everything that needs changing to move to the 11.x.x.x network.
2. The meshbox can deal with the DHCP address given to it being a 10.x.x.x address
3. But it won't necessarily allow its clients to connect to other addresses on that SubNet. 
4. However, they should be able to access the internet.

Try running with default settings before tweaking things - makes it easier to debug problems. Also, check which version you are running with the MeshAP CD - I seem to remember that the bootable CDs are very old.

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