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DHCP connect Edit

If you connect a mesh box to a DHCP server the Mesh box in question will automatically pick up a IP from the server act as a Gateway to other Mesh boxes or WiFi clients Each Mesh box will dish our IP's (Cell Id 1 of Mesh Box).xxx (to clients)

*We set CellId to same or similar to last number of Mesh Box IP to help identification  This is the default behaviour

Not sure how you set them to act as TransparentBridges so that your DHCP server allocates IP's to each client? There is a Never Act as a Gateway option in the Mesh Box Core Settings just hit my knowledge ceiling on this, so interested to hear from others on the list if it will work beyond one hop?

QUES: i am going to install a mesh into an existing network, which already has an existing DHCP server. If I turn off the DHCP services on the mesh I install will it pass out addresses from the currently existing DHCP server. This server will be between the mesh box and the internet, and will provide the address for the meshbox as well. If this isn't the default behaviour, does anyone know of any work arounds I can use to get this working?