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DNS and gateway Edit


dns cache Edit

If you want to flush the dns cache, you can ssh in to the node and issue:

killall dnscache

This will stop and restart the dns service. Alternatively you can just wait until the dns record expires as per its defined timeout period.

If you mean on your Windoze machine, open a command prompt and type: ipconfig /flushdns /Stefan

DNS resolve Edit

The problem seems with DNS service of MeshAP, not remote DNS servers. Because I was getting curl message immediately after issuing any command which requires a DNS resolve (Such as pqtest, ping etc.). I have two gateway connected to same internet feed and DNS servers were working nicely and other gateway worked flawlessly at the same time. Soon after distreaded the node, reregister and everything got back to normal. First time such thing happens. Previously I had DNS server problem with my provider so I know its symptoms and we do not use their servers anymore. (My ADSL ISP is Turkish Telekom who owns whole backhaul of Turkey and their 20 or more DNS servers cannot cope requests sometime and everything comes to a stop even backhaul is able to carry traffic at that time. Shame on them)

We anticipate a software glitch for the problem we had, though we cannot make sure anymore :)

>>Since domain name is not resolved, traceroute does not work either. I >>could not wait more, I applied the distread, reregister everything, seems now is working. First time I did this remotely :) Use traceroute -n which does a traceroute without using DNS. }}}

sdfsddsf Edit

ip AND ppp tunnels

ANSW: Problems with DNS on gateways and repeaters Using ppp tunnels between nodes instead fo ip can can be that

Ques: I have some clients that are having DNS issues. These clients are having the same trouble with 3 different websites. I have asked them to try to pull up the different sites and found the following logic problem: Client A, who is connected to Gateway 1, can bring up Website A but cannot access Website B Client B who is connected to Repeater 1 which is linked to Gateway 1 can bring up Website A, but not Website B. Client C, who is on Gateway 2, cannot bring up the Website A but can bring up Website B. Gateway 1 and 2 are both linked wirelessly to AP1 with Static IP’s and DNS for internet access. Gateway 1 and 2 Wiana settings show “Gateway use DHCP dns” = Yes and “Daisy chain gateway’s dns” = Yes The static eth addr, netmask, gateway, and dns are filled in with appropriate settings. Repeater Wiana settings are all DHCP with WiaNa settings “Gateway use DhCp dns” and “Daisy chain gateway’s dns” = No Any suggestions as to what may be the problem? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.