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* Fujitsu GeoStream Access Gateway
* Actelis Networks
* Occam DSLAM
* [1]
* Huawei Dslam hardware
* UTStarcom Dslam hardware
* Zyxel Dslam hardware
* Adtran Dslam
* Paradyne Dslam hardware
* C-com Dslam hardware
* Avilinks DSLAM/Vdsl hardware
* Alcatel DSL Access Products
* Cisco DSL Switches
* Lucent Stinger DSL
* Allied Telesyn Intelligent Multiservice Access
* Criticaltelecom merges DSLAM and Fiber hardware

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* with Dslam
* [2]
* NEC AM Series DSL
* Pannaway Technologies
* Zhone Technologies
* ZTE Corporation DSL Product Range
* DSLAM White Papers & Articles
* Broadcom DSLAM reference design
* Dslam industry forum

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Ikanos Communications Inc. is a leading provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the digital home. The company’s broadband DSL, communications processors and other offerings power access infrastructure and customer premises equipment for many of the world’s leading network equipment manufacturers and telecommunications service providers.

seems to license dslam chips.