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Lattepanda Edit

kickstarter LattePanda is featured with quad-core 1.8Ghz, 2/4G RAM, 32/64 GB eMMC, WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0, plus onboard Arduino processor! Can run win10.

J1900 mini-itx Edit

HCIPC M422- 2 HCM19X62A,Baytrail D Processor,Mini ITX motherboard, ITX Mainboard, J1900 6COM 2LAN motherboard

n3150 Edit

Eglobal Intel Core i3 5005U and Celeron N3050 N3150 in Mini PC Windows10 Desktop Computer 2GHz HD 5500 Graphics 4K HTPC HDMI VGA

jaguarboard Edit aguar Electronic HK Co., Ltd officially launched the first X86-based single board computer called Jaguarboard. Based on the quad-core Intel Atom processor, it provides 1GB of DDR3L RAM memory and 16GB of on-board eMMC flash storage. It affords embedded developers and DIYers enhanced experience with software development and significantly simplifies the development tool kits. Moreover,it allows those who aren’t already familiar with ARM architecture, won’t need to invest the time and effort in learning something new before putting the Jaguarboard to work on a project.

upboard Edit intel celeron pc 169 dolr

udoo Edit

kickstarter udoo UDOO X86 is the New PC: the most powerful maker board ever and an Arduino™ 101-compatible platform, all embedded on the same board. On UDOO X86 you can run all the software available for the PC world, from gaming to video streaming, from graphical editors to professional development platforms, plus all the software for the Arduino™ 101 world, including all the sketches, libraries and the official Arduino™ 101 IDE. you won't ever worry about lack of drivers or stuff like that.

others Edit

c.h.i.p, nanopi2, beaglebone , pine64

Pandaboard Edit , (

Android tablet Edit


embedded chips Edit

Pico and nano Edit

Cartft mobile pc Edit

Pico pc Edit

Build a mobile pico pc

Also accepts RCA video camera input for direct camera viewing.


Shark touch screen Edit --- $148

15inch displays Edit

Displays Edit

technabob Edit

Samsung digital frames 8inch and 10inch for $164 and $121 use as pc monitor with usb connection.

Touch screen conversion Edit

WinTouch 18.5" Touch Screen Kit, Converts your PC Monitor to Touch Screen via USB, No Installation Required - Fits Monitors up to 18.5"

IR remote control Edit Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse for PC, simulates a mouse, key macro's .

Keyboards Edit

Rii Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard Handheld Rechargeable Keyboard Touchpad for Laptops Notebooks Computer IPTV Car PC Wii PS3 HTPC (Black) --

ProMini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Build-in TouchPad/Laser Pointer) - Black by Pyramid Distribution

Logitech keyboard Edit

Logitech diNovo Mini connects via bluetooth. Edit

Coby Kyros Edit --- $153

Techpad Edit R1650 does it have gprs?

Cell-C modem Edit

cell-c USB modem ZTF MF190 , Huawei E1820 and E1752

Huawei Android tablet Edit R3719

Amazon tablet store Edit

SA distributors Edit

* Embedded Pc url of this page -
* Uniterm direct Jetstream brand importer

DIMM sized computer Edit

Freescale embedded PC Edit

*  nano pico mini-itx
* Allows direct purchase 

Wi-Fi to serial Edit

Connect a 802.11b mini-socket iWi-Fi module ($50) to a SerialCameras( module for an low power consuming video transmission link. Interface with a quadrocopter RateGyro2. See MannedSystems

Pico-itx and mini-itx Edit

linux embedded Edit

SBC Edit 2watt pc ,

Linseed Edit

Single chip linux computer. Embedded pc GPRS, Linux computer $100

Build embedded PC Edit

*  M-10000 mother board available from ArrowAltech,

Snapper Used in RateGyro2 UAV project

*  Stargate PC
* Nokia N800 and ASUS EeePC
*  See LinuxNotes
*  ARM Linux single board computer
*  Accepts international money transfer 
* DcDcConverters are connected to the car battery and PC. 
* These converters can handle the inductive kick-back of an engine crank.
* The parallel port is used to interface with an AtmelMicro. 
* See ElecTronics for parallel port modules.
* The EPIA-5000 MiniItx from is an alternative to the M-10000.

Sirus Edit See their GpsAndGprs unit.

DC-DC converters Edit

* DcDcConverters
*  Sells via embedded boards
*  Sells jetstream and via boards

Linuxdevices Edit


Linux Beagle Edit

* $150 SBC

Fox board Linux Edit or ACME Systems in Italy is selling the FOX Board, a tiny 66x72mm, 37gram board built around the ETRAX 100LX CPU from AXIS Communications. The board runs Linux 2.4.x or 2.6.x.. It has USB, Ethernet, and can support webcams through the spca5xx-le driver. It sells for 130 to 150 Euros, depending on the version.

The FOX Board can accept a daughterboard called FOX VHDL which has a 250K gate Actel ProAsic3 FPGA. Hmmm....

Some people have done pretty cool things with the FOX Board, including this hexapod robot.

Fox board and CCTV Edit

Connect a Mpeg4compression board to the fox EmbeddedPc USB port. The Ronja FreeSpaceOptics connects the Ethernet port and streams back the video image. The Ronja link is also used to pan-tilt the CctvCameras via the I2C link on the fox board.

Via embedded pc Edit

* VIA Artigo

Paralllel port of the embedded pc Edit

The AtmelMicro interfaces with speedsensors and other devices in the vehicle and the parallel port of the embeddedpc.

Touch screen Edit,com_virtuemart/page,shop.browse/category_id,155/Itemid,26/

Other links Edit

screws Edit

Links Edit

* EmbeddedLinux
*  Trimslice Tegra based
*  R500 Python Linux embedded PC
*  Mini-ITX form factor
*  Accepts international money transfer