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possible scam

"...Quasiturbine provides a new powerful compact gas or liquid Stirling Engine, Heat Pump & Cryocooler for use in submarine, in free space thermal gradients, in vehicle... in cogeneration, in solar heat device... Non-stop nuclear Quasiturbine-Stirling for vehicle could drive a several HP generator continuously for many years, based on a small hot nuclear pellet..." Quasiturbine, see other links on this site. The design is patented, enough details are given to reproduce the Quasiturbine.

Melt MoltenSalts with a solar array for the creation of a thermal battery. Load the thermal battery onto a bakkie and power a Quasiturbine to charge a much reduced Lithium battery pack. The Quasitubine produces 16x more power than a comparable StirlingEngine.

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Buils smaller 1, 5 and 12Kwh turbines: plans for sale. Video of waste heat generation

Is the Infinity Turbine a fraud run by Greg Giese?

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Capstone are competitors to Infinity turbines. Infinity Turbines is a fraud, and pretends to be associated with legitimate turbine companies such as Capstone. All part of the scam.

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Use the home made dynamo for 1kwh.

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Wilesco T90 Steam Turbine in my workshop. Die Turbine treibt einen Stromgenerator an der die gesammte Werkstatt mit Licht versorgt. The turbine drives an electricity generator to the whole workshop supplied with light.

Hielscher Modell-Dampfturbine in Aktion

JENSEN turbine:

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Government research microfish scanned in

Jensen steam turbine Edit After many many years of requests, endless discussions around the factory and 2 full years of active development, we're pleased to announce the arrival of the Jensen model # 95G Live Steam Turbine Mini Power Plant. We've teamed up with a highly talented young German Turbine Designer/Builder to bring you the highest quality hand crafted miniature live steam turbine available anywhere. This high precision all metal marvel easily powers our well known model 15 generator and lamp post, making it the Worlds Smallest Steam Turbine Driven A.C. Power Plant. This new and unique Jensen offering is an excellent addition to any steam collection and the perfect teaching aid for engaging student interest. The model # 95G Steam Turbine Mini Power Plant is also the ultimate demonstration display for power plant operators and Power Utility Visitor Centers.

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COMMERCIAL products:

This is for a 12 disk rotor TeslaJet 2.12 turbine I built last week for a repeat customer in Canada. My best rotor to date and first 12 disk version. Inputs are 3/8" max for 1/8"NPT experimenting ease. More customer machining/drilling could provide close to full disk interaction, I am trying to keep it versitile for teachers and or experimentors more advanced machinist/shop than myself (just look at my '67 6" Altas :o) The cut time, set-up & materials are the majority of cost.

1- 1.4mm gaps for start up, outer two disks are mass, 2 on middle. I have made 17 disk, 12 disk and 5 & 6 disk versions and the more disks the heavier the rotor but also the more surface area to absorb the steam/air energy.

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We Have a Project to Build Tesla Turbine Generators for Low Income Homes. We plan to Connect them to The Breaker Panel and Power the Home. Excess Power not used by the Home will be sent back up to the Power Company Causing the Meter to run backwards. This will Possibly make money for the Home Owner by Selling the Excess Power back to the Power Provider. This system can be Powered by Any Fuel. Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel, Gasoline, Alcohol and Hydrogen. Our Goal is to Power the Turbine with Hydroxy Gas & Water Fog. This will help Jump start our Break away from Dependence on OIL! It's possible! The Hydroxy gas was discovered 130 years ago and Tesla Made this Turbine 101 years ago! It's Big Oil that keeps us from using Alternative Energy. We hope to Scale it down to run in a Vehicle to run the Electric Drive Motor.

Steam turbines Edit I deally suited for ORC based or steam powered recovery systems. Modern clean sheet design. Very rapid delivery times. Industry proven - installed wordwide. Designed in accordance with API 611. Highly standardized components. EXPANDER TECHNOLOGY The Toroidal Intersecting Vane Machine, or TIVM, is a positive displacement expander that also offers the flow and power density features of a turbine. Click here to learn about the TIVM's Design Features. The chambers formed between the primary and secondary vanes enlarge or shrink, thus expanding and then discharging the working fluid. (for example: air, steam, gas, etc.). The TIVM has no valves. Gas flow is controlled by the timing of the primary vanes passing inlet and discharge ports. High pressure gas enters the chamber through an inlet port. Pressure in the chambers cause the primary vanes to rotate. The rotating primary ring delivers mechanical power to the integrated drive shaft. power, with the purpose of reducing cost and/or increasing profitability of existing energy sources. Mechanology turbines can also be used as mechanical drivers for rotating equipment such as centrifugal pumps, compressors or fans.

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Top 100 solar energy companies Balloon solar concentration on pvc cells.

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Wind generator Edit ExRo has taken the path of completely redesigning the electrical generator for variable input sources. Rather than layering individual legacy machines one on top of the next as other companies are doing, the VIEG uses a series of coils, configured in "balanced stages.” The magnetic balancing allows the use of permanent magnets, yet still reduces cogging torque to a bare minimum.

This allows the VIEG to operate at extremely low wind speeds (near zero). As available energy increases, the VIEG matches generator resistance to source energy by electronically adding generator stages. Conversely, the VIEG is able to drop stages as available energy, such as wind speed, drops. The VIEG is able to cycle up and down without hesitation and without mechanical friction. The need for a gearbox is eliminated, and a single VIEG generator can be built to scale up and down with available energy in a way that would take almost 70 individual generators to match

Battery Edit The Ceramatec battery separates the sulfur and sodium from each other with a thin ceramic membrane which allows electricity to be stored while operating at a much lower temperature. Ceramatec envisions a refrigerator-sized unit that would remain below 98 degrees C (208 degrees F), the melting point of sodium. Keeping the sodium solid makes for a much safer battery. The battery could store 20 kWh worth of energy, either from local, sustainable sources such as wind or solar, or from off-peak recharging from the grid, much like a plug-in hybrid car recharges when the grid demand is low.

Cyclone Edit A traditional gas or diesel powered internal combustion engine ignites fuel under high pressure inside its cylinders – a explosive process that requires precise fuel to air ratios. The Cyclone Engine is dramatically different. It burns its fuel in an external combustion chamber. Heat from this process is used to turn water into steam, which is what powers the engine. (See: How it Works)

Because of the way we burn fuel – in an external combustion chamber under atmospheric pressure -- we have incredible flexibility as to the fuel we use. In combustion tests we have used fuels derived from orange peels, palm oil, cottonseed oil, algae, used motor oil and fryer grease, as well as traditional fossil fuels … none of which required any modification to our engine. We have also burned propane, butane, natural gas and even powdered coal.

What does this mean? Well, imagine having the choice to run your car on gasoline one day and 100% pure biodiesel the next, or even a mixture of the two. The Cyclone Engine can provide consumers with the power to use fuels that are less expensive, more plentiful and locally produced. This is better for our economy, national security and global environment.

Additionally, we have built engines that don’t burn any fuel at all. Instead, we can recycle the heat from other sources such as ovens, furnaces, exhaust pipes or even solar collectors – thermal energy that would otherwise be wasted into the environment. Our Waste Heat Engine harvests this external heat to produce mechanical energy which, in turn, can run an electric generator. For more info, click here. EEStor Ceramic "Battery" - Texas company is working on an "energy storage" ultra-capacitor device made from ceramics. It's not technically a battery because it doesn't use chemicals. It can allegedly charge within 5 minutes (from a substation) with enough energy to move a car 500 miles on about $9 worth of electricity -- about 45 cents a gallon. Texas company is working on an "energy storage" device made from ceramics. It's not technically a battery because it doesn't use chemicals. It can allegedly charge within 5 minutes with enough energy to move a car 500 miles on about $9 worth of electricity -- about 45 cents a gallon. According to the patent, the device is made of a ceramic powder coated with aluminum oxide and glass. Company is very secretive, and has taken down its website. "A ceramic power source for electric cars that could blow away the combustion engine." (CNN; Sept. 20, 2006)

EEStor, Inc. published patent, application number 5812758, indicates the flexible matrix concept that could provide the potential of multiple technical and production advantages. One of the technical advantages indicated is assisting in providing polarization of the ultra capacitors. Polarization along with other proprietary processing steps provides the potential of a polarization saturation voltage required by EEStor, Inc. (MarketWatch; July 29, 2008)

FOR SALE - suncube Edit Available for Purchase | Concentrated Solar Power| > SolarCube™ by Green and Gold Energy - Award-winning solar technology uses Fresnel lenses to focus sun's energy onto photovoltaic cells. 5.8 cents per kWh. ( (NEC Specialist: Richard P. George) Green and Gold Energy Pty., Ltd. "SunCube", "Cool PV", "Max kWh Tracking" are Trademarks of Green and Gold Energy Pty., Ltd.

Fuel cells Edit Very cheap hydrogen manufacturing

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Highest in fuel efficiency and green. Simplified models are expected entering the market in 2011 Please visit us at New website with latest technology development news is under construction

Boiler Edit A sun tracking solar energy boiler comprising a solar radiation collector and tracking assembly for collecting and focusing solar radiation upon a surface maintained precisely normal to its direction of incidence, in combination with boiler means comprising a preheat tank and steam pressure tank...


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Claims rotary design steam generator

Rotary turbine steam engine videos


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Ben Gulak (19) This MIT student invented the Uno, an electric motorcycle that seems more like a Segway than a Harley. Popular Science chose it as one of the top 10 inventions of 2008. Also last year, Gulak was awarded $1.25 million of venture ca

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governer Edit Woodward TG611 governors are mechanical-hydraulic speed-droop governors for controlling small steam turbines. These governors control turbine speed by sensing turbine rotor speed via their input drive shaft, comparing this speed to an internal speed setpoint, then using a rotary output terminal shaft connected to the turbine’s governor valve to control turbine inlet steam flow. This self-contained governor utilizes an integrated drive-shaft-driven ballhead assembly to sense turbine speed, and an integrated drive-shaft-driven oil pump to create the necessary output force to move/control the turbine’s governor valve.

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their name is on the video and website

oval flow meter

India Edit Steam turbines from India

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