Gyro systems are used in UnmannedAerialVehicles

Eagle gyro compass Edit

Eagle Technology will shortly be in full scale production of these high performance solid state units. They are available at a fraction of the cost associated with earlier generation products. Accuracy, cost and ease of use, make them suitable for many military, mining and other applications. They are expected to significantly change the philosophy behind the design of many navigation systems.

   * Simulation program available now so you can determine possible system drift and other characteristics. Please let us know if you would like us to send you a copy per post because many server systems will reject executable file reception
   * Full gyro compassing aided by GPS (no magnetic compass)
   * Delivers heading with roll and pitch options
   * Heading accuracy 0.2 deg
   * Max angular rate 100 deg/s
   * Max acceleration +/- 5g
   * Shock 100g
   * Alignment time 30 mins approx (moving or stationary)
   * Continuous self calibration and alignment
   * Power +9V to +35V dc/11 Watts
   * Interface Serial RS232 38400 baud
   * Very competitive pricing
   * Ideal marine and land use
   * Special custom units on request
   * Submarine units use log velocity
   * Land vehicles use wheel pulses as an option
   * Free simulation program available on request
   * Height 160 mm, Width 130 mm, Depth 130 mm
   * Weight 2 kg
   * Hermetically sealed angular rate sensors
   * Advanced MEMS technology
   * Excellent shock and vibration performance
   * Ideal for harsh environments 

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