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initial wiana settings Edit

* register with WiaNa
* ssh to the access point
* change my ssid in wiana and connect to it from laptop

If the Router does'nt allow traffic Edit

* Does Wiana show the node as "Node Certificate Live" - look on the "Manage" page in Wiana
* SSH into the node, try the following commands
* CheckUplinkValidity  - should say "OK" - see ShellCommands
* GetAndVerify test - should say "WIANA REACHABLE" - see ShellCommands
* ping <any IP address>
* ifconfig eth0  - and then ping the IP address listed next to "inet address"
* does the inet address match the IP range of your DHCP server?
* e.g. my DHCP is at and my node gets
* ReporTer
* check if you have a "nickname" starting 1.x.x.x -  see alias
* does it say searching for gateway ?

On your Windows machine Edit

* On your laptop, open a DOS prompt or check the Status (and Support tab) on your LAN connection icon.
* In DOS type "ipconfig" Look for your Default Gateway address. In the DOS prompt try pinging the gateway address.
* Next open a web browser and enter http://192.168.x.1/ where 192.168.x.1 should be your GatewayNotes address.
* You'll get the splash screen.
* If IP address starts with 169 then you haven't connected to the node.