Osram Edit The overall lidar system covers 120 degrees in the horizontal plane, with 0.1 degree of resolution, and 20 degrees in the vertical plane, with 0.5 degree of resolution. In the light of day, it should detect cars from at least 200 meters away, and pedestrians at 70 meters out. This is a very significant breakthrough, it is exactly what is needed to permit all kinds of autonomous vehicle and robot operation in our complex environment. We have primarily been doing autonomous operations with the absolute position control of GPS which does not take into account at all surrounding obstacles, but only provides a position on the surface of the Earth.

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Lidar Edit The upcoming Copter-3.4 release will include terrain following support for mission commands using either Google earth altitude data or a Laser Range Finder. This is a demonstration video shot at a ski hill near my home in Karuizawa Japan of this new feature.

For this test I used a venerable 3DR IRIS with a PulsedLight Lidar Lite. This lidar is difficult to find but actually I recommend the sensors from Lightware (like the SF10) which, although they are quite a bit more expensive, are much more reliable and offer a greater range. , ,

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