Lock inside pipe Edit

Place a solid steel rod inside pipe posts on an entrance. A normal padlock is used to lock the rod inside the pipe. Thus the lock can't be broken with a bolt-cutter since there is no leverage available.

Angle grinder cutting detection Edit

A vibration sensor will detect any attempt at cutting through the rod with an angle grinder. An ultra-violet sensor will detect a cutting torch.

Make steel rod part of electronic loop Edit

Would need time domain reflectometer.

PIR inside steel pipe Edit

To unlock the rod you must place your hand inside the steel post ancored on one side of the entrance. A PIR/Ultrasonic distance measurement circuit will detect this.

Keypad deactivation Edit

For added security and to prevent the unlocking of the rod under duress, place a keypad besides the post. A correct code must be entered or the Ultrasonic/PIR combination will send an alert to the base via a GpsGprs, MeshNetworking, RS485 or RadioModems combination.