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How to switch between Gateway/Non-gateway without Wiana? Edit

A node will act as a gateway in one of these situations

1) it is assigned a DHCP address thru eth0 as it boots up. 2) it has been configured with a static IP address.

To eliminate the first, just disconnect the connection going to "tango" To eliminate the 2nd, remove the /etc/STATIC file.. - StaticIp

After the storm last night we have list the Aramiska (satelite) feed into our network. We do have an ADSL feed, connected to one node.

The node connection to the Aramiska feed is still up, the Aramiska "GroundStation" is still up, but we have no data getting through that Aramiska feed. The attached node (called Tango) still thinks it is a gateway, as it will normally get an IP address on bootup.

The catch: You have to log into Wiana and turn OFF gateway functions (or rather, set to NEVER gateway) but how do you do this if the node in question cannot talk to Wiana?

Most nodes still see Tango as the gateway node, despite there being a (lower hop) alternative gateway. I could turn the old one off (ssh into it and then shutdown) and see if the 'net finds the new gateway, but that node does not always do this, and it is in an attic elsewhere.

There seems to be no entry in /etc/wianasettings, and set route default '' does not work.