FANDOM Xinhaisen technology

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With the lathe belt setup a 25x magnfication factor is achieved(encoder x25 resolution) with much less backlash than planetary gears would have.

as5048 Edit , Used in haptics , sets the correct 4mhz SPI rate. I2C version

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Quantum devices Edit Quantum Devices is now proud to introduce it's new line of rotary encoders. Incorporating QDI's patented sensor technology, our QPhase™ . Pictures contain chipset. Yaskawa has patents on optical encoders, driving up the price of these devices. See Quantumdevices wordpress blog has various articles on aligning encoders, termination resistors etc. links to

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Drexel Edit , Rotary inverted pendulum, full code PID on arduino mega.

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PID control, Gimbal

Cnc Homofaciens hand tools made cnc,angle iron, threading etc. using crude DIY Optical encoders. 12-bit PWM output - 4,096 positions per revolution, 250 Hz uses as5143 assembly of as5043, soldering, aligning