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But I hope to get it set up where I have 2 cards in turbo mode per hop connection, 1 for send 1 for receive so I can get something close to a full duplex thing going and get maybe 65-70 megabit (130-140 megabit aggr) per hop, or at least for the main hops for some real high bandwidth apps. I saw a while back on the list that someone had mage to separate cards look like on the interface so half the battle is won.

45 megabit is really allot of bandwidth !

So I would need to do super ‘a’ (if that exists) for the backhaul in order to not kill the mesh.

the super 'g' would knock out the mesh box, due to it's use of all the channels, getting you

   the 108 megabit . Use different frequency for backhauls, that will not interfere with mesh.
       are you talking about using super g to provide your WiFI backhauls?

           Have you gotten these cards to run in the 108mbps mode in the backhaul? I am looking to start a mesh but want to try and bond 2 of the 108mbps capable cards on the backhaul of the repeaters so I can tackle high-bandwidth inter-mesh applications like point-to-point VPN connections and video. Any input/advice is greatly appreciated.

           However, we have experimented just a little with atheros cards and can report some success. You will appreciate there is no meshing yet with these cards therefore you have to do the meshing on the wired side via clustering, which requires pro software as I understand it. Seems to defeat the object of one integrated solution, as you need to use something like a Mikrotik WDS network to form your backbone, which means a second network to administer. We face this dilemma in trying to deliver 8 meg broadband.
           This may not be important to you if you have no repeaters, but absolutely vital to us, as all our boxes have to mesh leaving us with the problem of what to do for wireless backhaul.  Anyway I have tried some generic atheros cards with the AR5212 chipset works as an AP in our compaq boxes. There are no radio stats or signal level recording and be careful with changing the radio settings in wiana or your box can crash.
           Sorry that is the limit of our experience!
           The ubiquiti cards are widely used in the states and we have had success with The ZYCOM XG622 I am told that the Wistron CM9 cards work from solwise.
           For minipPCI to PCI adapters we use Solwise as they come with a pigtail for minPCI cards
           This is the card we have had most succes with  *
 which together with a solwise adapter meets your cost requirement.
           BTW There is steady trickle of MA311 onto ebay
           Let us know how you get on.
               >I am back to my old problem of sourcing decent reliable MeshAP compatible
               >wireless cards. We make virtually all our boxes using old compaq boxes and
               >try and supply with omni and cables for £150 or less. This means sourcing
               >very reasonable priced reliable wireless pci cards! We did recently get a
               >batch of the discontinued Netgear MA311... but that source is now exhausted.
               >We need to build a few new nodes a week at the moment so we need to know
               >which ones work! I keep buying and trying various atheros based cards which
               >I cant seem to get working! Can anyone suggest a reasonable priced pci card
               >that does actually work in the £20-£25 bracket! We cant justify the £35-£45
               >tag put on the so called compatable cards! Most of our boxes need 2 cards!!