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How to switch between Gateway/Non-gateway without Wiana? Edit

Pull the LAN cable out of Tango and reboot, it will come up as a repeater, when the SAT comes back you can put the LAN cable back in and reboot again, it will turn back into a gateway.


> > Background: > After the storm last night we have list the Aramiska (satelite) feed into > our network. We do have an ADSL feed, connected to one node. > > The node connection to the Aramiska feed is still up, the Aramiska "Ground > Station" is still up, but we have no data getting through that Aramiska > feed. The attached node (called Tango) still thinks it is a gateway, as it > will normally get an IP address on bootup. > > The catch: You have to log into Wiana and turn OFF gateway functions (or > rather, set to NEVER gateway) but how do you do this if the node in question > cannot talk to Wiana? > > Most nodes still see Tango as the gateway node, despite there being a (lower > hop) alternative gateway. I could turn the old one off (ssh into it and > then shutdown) and see if the 'net finds the new gateway, but that node > does not always do this, and it is in an attic elsewhere. > > There seems to be no entry in /etc/wianasettings, and set route default > '' does not work.