I2C clone OS project. multipilot project Italy anne has done lot of work balancing props, isolating camera attachment etc. to get his videos that smooth. It actually had some small shaking originally but it was totally eliminated using Virtualdubs excellent deshaker software.

Naudin Wii hack Edit

Uav construction notes Edit Wiki on drones

Stable quad Edit

Very stable flying quad, code will be released by poster data on soldering rig for quads

Commercial IMU closed source Edit has video, $365

Camera targeting Edit

20 airships will monitor India Edit

Latest EKF IMU Edit

See SerialCameras for drone cameras.

Use InfraRedLeds#Long_range_IR_illumination to illuminate for night vision and CCD camera combination.

DIYdrones mikrokopter Edit

Moved to Diydrones arducopter

Kinderkram build log Edit Build log for Kinderkram on ARDU

Frames for Quad copter Edit

quad code Edit code extension to ardu

Hobbywireless commercial Edit

Hack the design for its airframe, stabil airframe is important for aerial videos. GPS and automatic flight control

QudroUFO Edit

Commercial Edit $300

caspiquad Edit


Scandicraft UAV Edit Perimeter surveillance drone, lands and takes off automatically

Robot chopper Edit

Quad flying frames Edit

Vibrations is a major impediment to aerial photography and video streaming. Use a proper airframe. See for hex, octo frames

use the frame template from

Mounting the mag sensor or ardu Edit Placement of magnetometer


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pixhawk Edit computer vision toolkit

EmbeddedPc#DIMM_sized_computer Whole computer on DIMM memory stick for usage in vision analysis programs such as SlAm.

Booz and Lisa Edit

Openmulticopter Edit

Quadpowered Edit

mikrokopter Edit

moved , see main

Failsafe device Edit ,

aeroquad Edit

Vicacopter Edit

* Gumstix helicopter UAV
*  Various links to projects

Asctec quodrocopter Edit

* Increased payload uses Eight motors. 
* German quadro-copters closed source team at asctec . de  for prices

Quadrocopters Edit


(based on a gumstix+robostix and a 6DOF IMU from Sparkfun+3axis magnetometer)

*  2-degree IMU gyros $74. 
* User Zlinte
*  From
* Alison UAV project
* Gyro stabilized camera
* Nasa robotics software

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Dragonflyer x6 UAV quodrocopter Edit


UAV split Edit


UAV turbines for power Edit

DIY drones Feb 2011 Edit Build blog on arducopter Hexa version, parts list description etc.

Use same motors Edit use the same measured kv values and us i2c control, not PWM. Lookup table won't work, the control algorithm in the PD equation must compensate.

patents Edit

Mark Jolly, Andrew Meyers, Daniel Mellinger, Doug Ivers, Askari Badre-Alam, Doug Swanson, and Russ Altieri. Helicopter Vibration Control System and Circular Force Generation System for Canceling Vibrations. WO/2009/126608

Quads in the news Edit BNP rally watched

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