Reverse engineering protected by legislation[edit | edit source]

RE is protected in the US by the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act, which allows it “for the purpose of teaching, analyzing, or evaluating the concepts or techniques embodied in the mask work or circuitry . . .” There is similar legislation in Japan, the European Union, and other jurisdictions. In the semiconductor business, RE customers fall into two groups: those who are interested in technical

The fun part is that with South-Africa's cloud-coo-coo land legal system we can reverse engineer whatever we need and commercialize it via a FrontingCompany. The only thing that will get you in criminal trouble is infringing on a trademark, using a patent is a civil issue not criminal. What you sell under your own brand name lifted from somebody else even a patent is a civil issue and thus our FrontingCompany will get the technology we need.

Spescom who sells the Terabeam FSO under the Proxim brand name would obviously not want to have the circuits reverse engineered and published on the internet but all they can do is waste their time in civil court suing our FrontingCompany because South AFrica's legal system is a huge joke.

reverse engineer[edit | edit source] 12x12cm 6 layer board around $3000 to reverse engineer Does chip level reverse engineering using x-rays and image analysis DSP reverse engineering pcb reverse engineer $25/hour AtmelMicro

Reverse engineering service[edit | edit source];jsessionid=CO50YKKU4KCS0QSNDLSCKHA?articleID=212300038 Semiconductor Insights (SI) group in Ottawa that provides chip and patent analysis services. SI and Sanguine will become part of a new business unit at UBM that includes system teardown specialist Portelligent (Austin).

Business Media Ltd., the publisher of EE Times, has acquired for at least $8 million Sanguine Microelectronics, a semiconductor reverse engineering company based in Shanghai. UBM will merge Sanguine into its existing Semiconductor Insights (SI) group in Ottawa that provides chip and patent analysis services.

"Technical and intellectual property intelligence services for the electronics industry are a global, high value, high growth opportunity for TechInsights, and we aim to be a global leader in this market," said Paul Miller, chief executive of TechInsights, the UBM division which includes SI, Portelligent and EE Times.

Reverse engineering white paper[edit | edit source] One of the most basic business requirements is the need to know what the competition is doing. Whether it be tracking new features, pricing, sales channels, management, and of course technology. Whether entering a new market, or designing a next-generation device, a critical step is to buy a competing product and take it apart to see what is inside it. Having done that, we know the parts list involved, and the technological challenges to be faced in manufacturing the new version.

Reverse engineering (RE) can cover objects from as large as aircraft down to the smallest microchip, and the motivations have varied from the paranoia of the Cold War, through commercial piracy, to competitive intelligence, and courts of patent law. If we look back over the last few decades, reverse engineers around the world have had a significant influence on the dissemination of technology in the electronics industry.

bomarc reverse engineering[edit | edit source]

16 function I.R. remote control unit for VCR

Microwave motion detection[edit | edit source]

ADEMCO 360 microwave motion detector 1

IR converter[edit | edit source]

{{{ B. P. V-7661 I.R. R.C. converter 3 BRUCE IND. CVR-5000 I.R. R.C..converter 3 DANTEC/TEXSC. 901-0400 I.R. R.C. converter 3 DIAMOND/BRAD DW-56 I.R. R.C. converter 3 EAGLE/COMTRO. EVSC-2000 I.R. R.C. converter w/ parental lockout 3 GEMINI AD6000 I.R. R.C. converter w/active filter desc. }}}

Beams[edit | edit source]


* S. C. I. TECH.   2010          active beam infrared motion detector 
* SAFE HOUSE       49-307        active beam I.R. entry alarm                              1
* ADEMCO           1355          active beam IR motion detector                            1
* BANNER           Q853E         75 foot active red beam emitter module                    1
* BANKER           Q85BW13R-T9   active red beam receiver w/timing function                2
* BRIGHTMOND       BC858K        "INTELECTRON" passive IR detector w/lamp switch   
* COLO. EL-OPTIC   IA-151        active beam IR motion detector (2 -piece)   * 
* SICK/OPTEX       WE(S)260-M230 active beam I.R. motion detector pair    *
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