copy from remote host Edit



rsync -avzz --remove-source-files -e ssh root@"$remotefolder" "$mydir"

rsync -avzz --remove-source-files -e ssh root@"$remotefolder" "$mydir" > /dev/null 2>&1

rsync -avzz --remove-source-files t@"$remotefolder" "$mydir" # -e ssh is implicit

Sync remote folder Edit

rsync -qzrlptgoDXi --size-only t@"$remotefolder" "$mydir"

github Edit rsync backups.

starred Edit It can save backups to your local filesystem (probably an attached USB device) or to a remote host. Backups are saved in time-stamped directories. Backups are cheap on storage, because hard-links are used for files that haven't changed between backups.

simple Edit rsync

rsync -qzrlptgoDXi --size-only /home/j/Downloads/z270drivers/ /media/j/68C7-DEB1 rsync

Move files from remote server Edit

rsync -avzz --remove-source-files -e ssh root@ /home/j/j > /dev/null 2>&1; then

chmod Edit

Links Edit

diff between folders to see if transfer worked.


rsync -rlptgoDXuh --size-only --progress --stats --log-file=$HOME/rsync11.log -q /media/j/usbbackup/ /home/j/sortmeout/

Robocopy windows file copy