Supplier Sensor Meg Interface Lux Price
Drelemo Low Illumination Security Store
IMX335 rolling shutter 5Meg Ethernet,xmeye win10, android, Udoo ? price
VOLDRELI Security Market Store
IMX291 rolling shutter 3Meg Ethernet, xmeye win10, android ? price
China Omina Digital Co., Limited(Ali) IMX274 4k(8meg) Ethernet,xmeye win10, android ? price?
CCDCAM Security Solution Store(Ali) IMX415 rolling shutter 4K Ethernet,xmeye win10, android ? price?
CCDCAM Security Solution Store(Ali) IMX385 rolling shutter 2Meg Ethernet,xmeye win10, android Low lux, Starvis $100
Amada Optics Store(Ali) IMX224 rolling shutter 4K

imx224 moon shot

USB, Linux Astronomy main
0.005lux $250
Smartfly (Ali),
Vision components
IMX327 rolling 2Meg mipi with kpu neural compute(kpu)
Starvis, see color at night.

night image

. IMX412 12Meg version?
Low lux color night
Khadas Official Store (Ali) IMX214 rollling 13meg mipi with Khadas SBC single board
computer($105).Two imx214, stereo vision.
lux $20
Raspberry IMX477 rolling 12meg mipi

unifore 4k image

lux, astronomy $50
Leopard imaging IMX335,577, 224 4K mipi ? $100+
Nvidia Jetson IMX219 rolling 2Meg mipi on Raspberry pi
and Jetson. Use arducam for 18Meg solution.
(13Meg IMX135), IMX298 16Meg . vision components(IMX296, 412, 327, 297, 290)
0.1 $20
Flir IMX183, 172, 290 rolling ? USB, Linux ? ?
Ximea ? ? USB, Linux ? ?
Smartek framos IMX477 rolling shutter, IMX412 and IMX420 global shutter 12Meg mipi for dragonboard and Jetson TX2 lux $100?
Econsystems IMX329, 119 rolling ? mipi ? $100+
Sony consumer camera IMX421 rolling meg interface lux $100+
Basler cameras IMX??? meg interface lux $100+
d3engineering IMX217 rolling 24meg interface lux $100+
omnivion 13megp sensor.
omnivision 13meg mipi(orangepi
KPU usb stick, Caffe, Tensorflow
, Pytorch
lux $20+

Global Shutter IMX273,IMX287,IMX296,IMX297 sensors. SONY Introduces the IMX420/428(7 Meg) as the First Imaging Sensors that Features its 3rd Generation CMOS Global Shutter Mode. Linux scriptable OEM boards from Point Grey, IDS Imaging, Basler. Many sensors to choose from, good SDK, support, and some also have ARM support by default. Their machine vision cameras are used by astrophotographers.

Neural links

Neural networks, Yolo

Robotics and Aerial drones


SRI abacus drive is a patented zero backlash drive system, easily manufactured and Patents hackable under South African law with a Fronting company . They are in parternship with Harmonic drive systems which is a difficult and expensive to manufacture high precision gearset which has close but not zero backlash. (Is squashing the abacus technology, the same way Texaco torpedoed NImH BatteryTech?)

Robotics and drones.


respirators DIY respirator. An alternative to being attached to a respirator for three weeks is to have a living will, forbidding its use. It is better to die in some situations.


carnutt furnace Redrok solar


Redrok solar links First published design of Fresnel solar array for a solar furnace. The Carnutt Solar Furnace as presented in "The Mother Earth News". Teton engineering extends the Carnutt furnace. Released free design of 4x4m 6000watt concentrating heliostat.

energy technology

Machine design

Machine design

Make it extreme Lathe

3d printing

3d printers

Wireless and Fixed wired

Gprs and wifi streaming Ez-WifiBroadcast is a bidirectional data link using commercial off-the-shelf hardware like WiFi modules and a pair of Raspberry pi computers. Coupled with special software this unique system allows transmission of low latency HD video, telemetry and control data between endpoints. In comparison to a classical wireless connection Ez-WifiBroadcast tries to imitate the famous properties of an analog link like graceful signal degradation and no association between the endpoints.




software linux, state machines, redis, Math

Security and home automation

Spotterrfradar radar for 1.4km radius farm surveillance.

alarm systems



Greenhouse ,Liquid nano clay , Pollution, Housing

savory institute



steering bolted, not welded between two frames. Allows for its suitcase transport.

Mountain bike

test page



GPL proprietary code

Patents , GPL and BSD The GPL restriction from the copyright holders are used to emulate the effect of patents. Apache2 contract means that the licensor proprietor hasn't exempted anyone from his patents, only that the licensees have on all their past, present and future patents. Opensource proprietary code are not really "licenses" but contracts incorporating both patent and copyright law per relevant legal jurisdiction. The usage is licensed under contract law(this is fuzzy), much of the GPL terms aren't enforceable in South Africa., no commercial gain is allowed making Elastic a de facto software patent, which ZA law doesn't recognize.

Sa Telecoms licensing, 5G Icasa, telecom operators can't prosecute anyone, only the NPA can do this and they won't on anything except SABC and Mhz radio spectrum. there is no criminal prosecution for example on using the 1Ghz spectrum, neither will there be any, since it won't ever be allocated for commercial use.

Object oriented hoax


"...we fight the bewitchment of our intellect by the use of language .." Wittgenstein

"...And the profession is now guarded by a priest class that benefits from OOP's murk and mystery—the fewer people who can communicate with computers, the more secure their jobs..." ,..."...If you are new to OOP, please don't be fooled by simplistic examples. These bait-and-switch examples often take the form of geometric shapes, animal categories, vehicle taxonomies, vehicle parts, employee types, Y2K dates, stacks, device drivers, clothing, or bank account examples...." Richard Mansfield

OOP technology has generated more confusion than almost any other computer technology. For example, many OOP "experts" claim that most companies are either not using OOP properly(No true Scotsman fallacy), or are not taking advantage of OOP.

Oop(object oriented programming) is category error or category mistake: Nouns,metaphors, "behavior", verbs, rocks and fields of mielies don't exist inside of computers, its only purpose is to map inputs to outputs(local and global variables), like a math function maps the domain to the range. Verbs relate subject to object in the real world, which doesn't exist inside of computers.

Oop stuffs procedures into structs(classes), implementation is hashmaps with instantiated context-sensitive namespacing. It is a means of removing all the global variables from a single hashmap and plastering them all over multiple hashmaps, making it difficult to grasp what the data means. The procedures are either inside("behavior") or outside the struct, it fundamentally remains procedural programming because of the ontology of the computer.

Oop are structs(collection of data types) with virtual functions, where each function's first argument(self in Python and this in Java) is the struct(object) itself and dot notation makes this implicit. This isn't an "abstraction" but a particularity, hard problems in unstuffed procedural programming becomes impossible to solve when those same functions are embedded inside the struct. (commentry on Dan saks). Which is situation that Dijkstra describes as " exceptionally bad idea...", Rob Pike the "...Roman numerals of computing.." and Torvalds on C++ as "idiotic". The "state" is how the variables of the instantiated class(object) changes as the functions which take the struct as its first parameter modifies it. See cs.stackexchange.

The functions inside the sturct are tied in leg irons to a collection of data types, a situation that Armstrong] describes as wanting a banana but getting the gorilla and entire jungle with it. Haskell's monads are a means of dealing with global state in functional programming. Both functional programming(monads) and oop(abstract factory pattern) implement, monads hides dealing with state more than oop.

Dan Saks, whom we should view the same way Schopenhauer viewed Hegel, contributed to ungrammatical behemoth that is C++ by serving on its ISO standards committee so that he can make money by tutoring and consulting gigs. C++ is like legal documents contrivedto be impossible to understand with common sense. Combined with the CIA Systemd trojan, computers are becoming black boxes, preventing actors from creating cruise missiles with Nvidia Jetsons but also making it impossible to certify a self driving car without Red Hat's involvement. All attempts at creating drone attacks in Germany have been intercepted, Systemd is part of the reason.

Functional programming attempts to model the world using lambda calculus, but you can't model for example relational databases with lambda calculus. Thinking through a linear sequence of steps when making coffee in the real world with lambda calculus is like like living in a world where your sense perceptions are not fed to you via the electromagnetic spectrum but with fiber pipes(monads) wired directly through your skull into your brain. Nobody views the process of making coffee in terms of lambda calculus or the boolian logic of sql.

Oop and functional programming(monads) breaks up the ontological problem of mapping inputs to outputs with procedures into data types. In the real world you make one cup of coffee(int) with water(float), milk(float), brown powder(float) and a kettle(int). Now instead of describing this process in your program as a linear sequence of verb(Nouns and verbs oop) like steps, instead with Oop you break the process up into noun like “data types": white and brown -> grey with red translucence.. Oop and Haskell takes you from a natural verb like existence into a state of nounness: professing themselves to be “software engineers” they have become pretentious verb inverters.

You might have a good model of the world, but the constraint is the ontology of the computer like the L2 cache event. Oop consumes up to 90% of the L2 cache cycles because the compiler can't optimize for the function calls stuffed inside the struct: reality isn't a hack you are forced to deal with to solve your problem, it's your actual problem(Mike Acton).

With the three paradigms of lambda (functional), struct stuffed procedural(oop) and procedural we attempt to model the world the way we see the world: a binary succession of ideas. Zeno's and Sorites paradoxes asks what is in between these binary events. When Zeno attempted to grab hold of the space between Achilles and the tortoise,he grabbed hold of the law of excluded middle. The paradoxes arises due the reification of the laws of logic, these laws can't be verified as any verification would have to use the same laws and the paradoxes resurface each generation under a different rubric.

Applying Popper falsification to the laws of logic would be a category mistake: the laws of logic are unfalsifiable by necessity, as this enables ratiocination about what is falsifiable and prevents Agrippian regress of falsifiability. "...Science vs Religion..." is also a category mistake. Popper's idea of falsifiability was recognized by Richard Owen, Samuel Butler and Charles Hodge in their critiques of Darwin.

Behe's Irreducible Complexity is a variation of Sorites paradox of the heap: when does a hole in the ground become a mouse trap, when does an indention become a hole? How much soil must you remove from a flat surface before you get a hole. A mouse trap, whether of a single element or multiple elements exists only as a Berkeleyan idea. We only have particular ideas, not abstract ideas, abstractions don't exist. Close your eyes and imagine anything, what did you see? You saw tigers and horses and things, even maybe the word 'abstract' plastered across the Aurora Borealis but not abstractions, only particulars.

Zeno's paradoxes as it relates to Irreducible Complexity must be seen through the syllogism:

  • Axioms are based on induction.
  • Deduction uses axioms.
  • Deduction is based on induction: even Godel's incompleteness theorems are entombed within Hume's circle.

Alexander Pope addressed Irreducible complexity and being a friend of George Berkeley, his ideas could probably be found in Berkeley's works. Aristotle reflected Zeno's concept with constituted spontaneity(from Darwin's OoS) and D'Arcy Thompson preempted Behe's IC with composite integrity.

Oop has given the term "procedural" a PR problem, hence Dave West tries to enunciate it under the rubric of Data oriented design. Paparazzi uav and the Gentlenav UAV project achieves control through interrupt driven plain procedural C coding, while Diydrones arducopter stuffed their PID control procedures into structs, making it difficult to discern what the data means(Mike Acton).

C++ was invented (Stroustrup), Alan Kay so that arbitrary code is executed in the cpu with each object instantiation(virtual functions and virtual tables), allowing for endless hacking of Apache databases, providing the top500 with a competitive edge as the trade secrets are exfiltrated via MINIX and ultrasonic pulseaudio. Sharing of the data occurs each year at NSA headquarters under the rubric of "cyber security".

That crackling sound the speakers make when pulseaudio consumes 30% of cpu cycles is when an ultrasonic link is established between your cell phone and the pc. Anti virus programs are so effective at finding "viruses" because the viruses are written by the KGB(Kaspersky) and CIA(injected into the chip itself at the foundry) so that their Trojans(McAfee) can extract all the hdd data without raising suspicion. Many virus writers who didn't get the memo that only the KGB and CIA are allowed to encrypt hdds and exfiltrate data were sent to jail. Not all though, hackers and credit card thieves are allowed a moderate form of activity as a distraction from what is actually going on.

All operating systems install on top of MINIX, which will only allow Wireshark and Snort to see packets it wants it see. Hardening the OS with iptables etc. signals to MINIX an attempt at hiding data. All programs of any size and complexity must be a set of procedures and single hashmap storing the global variables. If you still can't solve your problem, then it's beyond the ontological domain of silicon based input output mapping.

Oop allows for embezzlement in ERP software, there is a reason why git is written in plain C(Torvalds on C++) and Eric Raymond's reposurgeon in golang without oop. The designer and writer of ZeroMQ regrets writing it in C++ instead of C coding.

From a Perl perspective Design patterns turns a programmer into a fancy macro processor, it uses polysemic pretentious language in a reverse Nigerian prince psyops. The grammatical gargoyleism of advance fee frauds hone in on the most obtuse of society, with high cognition "software engineers" a metaphorically induced category mistake cloud how the ontology grounds the epistemology(the nature of existence determines the nature of knowledge).

never use getter and setter methods youtube video and new,delete,malloc in c++ wraps the malloc in a single command. The software design team with their $1.5 trillion F35 program and the welders at Eskom sabotaging the boilers have the same desire: lifelong employment.

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