<B>Basic mesh commands </b> <BR>
Start with the Locustworld Wiki <BR>   <BR>
vtund    #   <br>
pingtest     #pings all the nodes<br>
speedtest  <br>
speedtest up <br>
speeddaemon  #open a shell window on router and type speeddaemon <br>
use to check mesh or backhaul <br>
iptables -L  , #can be used to block meshboxes of the network.<br>
cwradius username password<br>
crontab -e      # Issue blocknode command here <br>
crontab -l<br>
minsig          # Same as blocknode<br>
radping      # Pings radius server<br>
ifconfig    # interface configuration, the same as the ethernet/wlan section of reporter<br>
ifconfig -a     # Determine IP address of ehternet NIC<br>
iwconfig     #shows the wireless interface configuration - many options available <br>
iwconfig wlan0 txpower auto  # Set all nodes to 'auto power', recommended default<br>
iwconfig wlan0 txpower 200mw      # Manually forcing node to 200mw<br>
iwconfig wlan0 txpower 50mw<br>
iwconfig eth0 essid any<br>
iwconfig eth0 essid "My Network"  <br>
iwconfig wlan0 essid off<br>
iwconfig eth0 freq 2.422G<br>
iwconfig eth0 channel 3<br>
iwconfig wlan0 sens 1 <br>
iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M fixed  #Force rate down on long distance links <bR>
ipconfig                # Set the node ip address <br>

iwlist wlan0 ap   #will show you all clients connected to the card. <br>
iwlist - useful stats from wireless interface - more info at leaf.sourceforge <br>
iwlist wlan0 scan,  #far node looks back upstream if there is noise on network<br>
                        # Shows you everything the node can see<br>

Cat /proc/aodv/monitor  # use this with Iwlist wlan0 scanning command<br>
unblock                 #commnand unblocks a node if wiana blocked it.<br>
broadunblock            # Permanent blocking of a node<br>
reporter                #gives status of all meshboxes eth0 etc.<br>
"speedtest &" on the gateway and "speeddaemon" and<br>
"speeddaemon up" on the repeater nodes.<br>
ssh       #secure shell into a meshbox and then issue command like   getandverify<br>
ssh <ipadres>  # Use for remote control of a meshbox<br>
getandverify test,   #tests to see if is available, should say WIANA REACHABLE<br>
getandverify tobuild25dev90  ,  #to upgrade to a specific build<br>
getandverify tobuild25dev87<br>
getandverify splashpowerupdate <br>
getandverify alwaysblockbymac <br>
Does dev106 have support for the new smc2532 cards?
My node is not recognizing the new version card on 106
If these are the newer prism3 chipset cards, then you may need to issue
the following patch on dev 106:
getandverify version23prismpcmcia
checkuplinkvalidity   #after you ssh into box, should say OK.<br>
distread           #used before a 'remotemanagement' this cleans up some things.<br>
# Careful! Its is roughly the same as 'factoryreset' Seems to kill the<br>
# dhcpd.leases file (?) <br>
factoryreset       #puts meshbox back to original factory state. Will require you to<br>
          #get a new certificate again from wiana and get the wiana settings again. <br>
remotemanagement   #use this to get the Mesh node to connect to Wiana and get the latest<br>
 #settings. The Mesh node should do this automatically every 30mins, <br>
but sometimes you just #don't want to wait. <br>
sigspy     #use to check if your node can see the other nodes. Gives signal strength.<br>
arp -n     # Networking command <br>
arp - a    # Get MAC address being represented to the meshbox<br>


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