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Sixsixone Edit , Edit Carbon knee brace, prevents torsional injuries. The Fluid Tech helps reduce the risk and severity of knee injury by preventing excessive hypertension of the knee in the event of an accident. Thanks to innovative engineering the Fluid Tech is ultra-lightweight and offers a highly customizable and secure fit, while affording improved directional movement of the knee articulation while riding. Ventilated mesh with elbow, shoulder protection Mtb

Health Edit Chlorhexidine Solution gallon . Same thing as Corsodyl, but retails for 20x less. Wash with 2.5:1 water:chlorhex solution after every meal within one hour. This is the trade secret of the dental profession.(based of the corsodyl 0.02% solution, your chemistry calculations must be checked by a chemist corsodyl is dangerous).

They do not want you to know that neither fluoride brushing nor salt rinsing will kill mouth bacteria, only Corsodyl or its cheap veterinary proxy will. Take a dental probe and scrape behind the teeth, that white residue is bacterial plaque . Vigorous brushing will damage the fragile tooth enamel. Ask your dentist what must you do so that you will never have to see him again, the term "corsodyl" won't surface in the discussion.

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