Eight wheel Edit Eight wheel setup. Two wheel pairs pivots about an axis. ASI robots Two pairs of wheels pivot about an axis(four), driven by four dc motors with planetary gear headset. Best method for rock climbing. Each wheel pair angle is measured as it climbs over obstacles, providing proper traction control. A mobile robotic platform with autonomy. The chassis concept of the platform born while playing with Lego blocks but the practical implementation experienced 3 generations or versions before outdoor tests. While the last version is still a model it provided information and scientific data about its dynamics resulting in several Latvian patents and published scientific papers. We still have a plan to create a fully functional autonomous robotic platform and part of the RobotNest team is working on the next version of the robot attracting young researchers from Riga Technical University. Project is still non-commercial.

Don DIY Edit

US army tank tracks are available here: and DIY tracks Blueprints video. This is a slide show of my homemade mattracks made for my trike to haul firewood and timber out of the forest during the winter. Video shows a standard 25mm, 3mm pipe milled down to 2mm for fitting a bearing. First video of four in the homemade ATV tracks build series. This time I'm welding together the sprockets and turning bearing brackets and rear axle wideners in the lathe. See DIY sawmill. On ebay "personal tracked vehicle" plans.

don diy videos youtube and youshouldbuildit blogspot

blueprints video

free google drive download of track plans

Make it extreme tracked vehicle youtube video build

3d printed Edit I've completed 2/3 of my track system and give it a test run. I've very, very happy with the results of the test. I also spend a lot of time in the video explaining the design and engineering of most of the parts including gears, drive shaft, axels, wheels, trucks and floating idler system with automatic track tensioner.

HOW to mount a bearing on 3d printed driveshaft with two fiber tubes. 36min Uploader provides detailed information. At 47min 3mm steel pin as pivot shaft between to plastic pieces, shaft is clamped tight with center grub screw. Tyres printed with flexable Ninjaflex filament.

Variable speed drive shaft Edit Robotics engineers at SRI International in Silicon Valley have developed the first new rotary transmission design since the invention of the Harmonic Drive gear. abacus drive , replaces harmonic drive, which has the lowest backlash. Harmonic gears are great, but they’re also superduper expensive, because they require all kinds of precision machining. Alexander Kernbaum, a senior research engineer at SRI International, has come up with an entirely new rotary transmission called the Abacus drive, and it’s a beautiful piece of clever engineering that offers all kinds of substantial advantages. See Gears robot.

Traxxas Edit

the tracked design of traxxas are hacked and scaled for UGV robot

  • copyright issues on Nero and Traxxas We have read online that there is an open lawsuit going on between Traxxas vs Hobbico. The Lawsuit is about patent infringement on the Suspension design of the ARRMA Nero, from Traxxas. Visually, to us at least, the cantilever setup has been long used - but by Traxxas, when in the RC world. To us, it looks like a close use of the Traxxas Patented Suspension (Our opinion only). snow road conversion uses Snowmobile & Sandmobile Conversion for 1/10 Revo, E-Revo & Summit, require T4123 T4122SILVER With our Snowmobile & Sandmobile Conversion for 1/10 Revo, E-Revo, and Summit you can take your monster truck over the snow, across the sand, and practically wherever you want to roll! The conversion features anodized aluminum construction, heavy-duty all-terrain treads, and turnbuckles for easy maintenance. Available in anodized blue, green, orange, red, purple, silver or gunmetal. Each kit also includes a pair of adjustable shocks for use with our T4123 hubs. Sold in pairs (two treads per package.) Traxxas T2 Snowmobile & Sandmobile Kit for 1/10 Revo, E-Revo & Summit, require T4123 C25305SILVER idea for UGV suspension system. Shock absorber mounted high and parallel with chassis. RC cars . unboxing video of ARRMA NERO 6s BLX. Length: 22.1 in (560 mm) Width (front): 18.1 in (460 mm) Width (rear): 18.1 in (460 mm) Height: 8.5 in (217 mm) Wheelbase: 14.9 in (378 mm) Weight: 13.4 lb (6 kg)

RC model plans(tanks) Edit from RcHobby#Forums

Custom Ripsaw TankBuildEp1

Heng long Edit

Henglong video of first run on my latest project, a Heng Long 1/16 M41A3 Walker Bulldog RC Tank with Dual Mabuchi RS540 Motors. Modular 3D printed tank mounts and worm gear drive housings I designed on TurboCAD. RC ball bearings on worm drive. 3D printed beaing insert on drive axle with 16x8x5 ball bearing for output. Fabricated aluminum motor rail. Run with Sabertooth 2X12, single7.2V battery. Final drive ratio 23.64 to 1. Drop in 3D printed mounts use same stock mounting holes as oringinal gear housing. Had to custom make the spur gear hubs from a shaft coupler and a universal hub on lathe. The drive axles are fabricated from 5/16 grade 5 bolt shank and RC truck axle. Lid fit on the tank, motors are right under the air vents! This turned out so nice, wanted to share this with you. These mounts should fit in any Heng Long tank with any motor. What is really nice is to be able to change gear raitos you can't do with stock gear boxes. Will see how they hold up. Very tight fit but it works, mission accomplised.

Snowplow Edit

  •, snowplow youtube open source snow plow. The result is a miniature version of a true snowplow, caterpillar tracks, with blade and light projector mounted on top to light the way in the dark; everything is controlled by a remote control from the PlayStation 2. Let us see how our caterpillar robot is assembled, starting from the mechanics and then describing the electronics and firmware that is necessary.

Snowplow rubbertrack Edit

Snowplow robotripsawtank

ducks Garage Edit making idlers and sprockets. Cuts a precision circle out of 2cm steel over six hours with setup. Sprocket used for tank tracks.

stratbot Edit suspension 58secs. DARPA chassis

Alexander Drozdov Edit Alexander Drozdov design album pictures of sprockets

www. Edit Edit

Artemis rover Edit Eight wheel setup. Four sets of two wheels that pivots, allows climbing over rocks. Driven by four outside electric motors, each driving two wheels.

steel tracks Edit How to build steel tracks 2/5 tiger tank tracks (25mm square tube)

Tankman101 Edit

TrackedTankSlewDrive alibab badger mk1 tracks , make steel wheels with flat bar 150mm hose clamp tack weld by tankman101. Combine this idea with Thai ground robot. Drill 10mm spaced holes around flat bar that has been wrapped over 5mm steel disk. Wrap solid cut piece of scrap tire around this flat bar and countersink holes for M6 bolts.

evatech Edit TREX stands for Terrestrial Robotic Explorer. It uses Evatech's patented and proprietary propulsion technology. TREX is strong, fast, and reliable. Simplicity, combined with strength and intelligence are the key genes for a prevailing species and TREX has inherited them. It did not happen overnight; TREX is the result of 8 years of intellectual evolution and countless hours of experimentation. Defendant John Wesley Wright and his officers, employees, agents, attorneys and all persons in active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of the judgment in this case by personal service or otherwise, are PERMANENTLY ENJOINED AND RESTRAINED, during the remaining enforceable life of U.S Patents Numbers 7,318493 and 7,677,344 owned by Plaintiff Evatech, Inc. from practicing without a license (and from causing, hereafter, any other entity to practice without a license) the method of using Plaintiff Evatech, Inc.'s system or any colorable variation thereof that infringes on the above patents. The court retains jurisdiction to enforce the terms of the Judgment and this injunction. In South Africa we use HackPatents#Circumventing_patents_in_South-Africa. (hopefully enough litigants reads this so they won't bother trying to enforce patents in SA)

Wheelchair mobility Edit , Edit Four wheel mobility with tank like 360degree pivoting . from

Hexhog Edit

  • patented flexible suspension. pivots about centre. , Six wheeled vehicle, prevents dangerous tipping with four wheel vehicles. The HexHog is the ultimate off-road wheelchair offering unprecedented access to extreme terrain. This unique battery powered machine means you have the freedom to go places you wouldn’t have dreamed possible - at the push of a joystick! Five years of testing and development in the harshest of mountain terrains and extreme environments has given rise to this unique off-road wheelchair. The HexHog has been designed to bring together the functional attributes of a powered wheelchair and ATV in one aesthetic package. Wheelchair users or those with limited dexterity can safely access the countryside and back country wilderness with total independence.

A seat transfer system, which advances and lowers the driving seat to a position for independent transfer from a wheelchair. Edit

Inspectorbotstacticalbot This is a Very Rugged, Tactical Robotic Platform. It is a 4WD unmanned electric vehicle with a Steel Plated Shell and a Teleoperated Pan/Tilt Turret with a 20 Round per Second Non-Lethal Weapon System. The Modified Paintball Gun has a 100 round capacity Interchangeable Magazine. It can fire Pepperballs, Paintballs or Hardened Rubber Rounds. It is perfect for Covert Surveillance, Security, SWAT, Tactical Response, and Law Enforcement

swatbot Edit

Robot arm rotates on platform or lazy Susan bearing, rotated by a chain, sproket and vertical DC motor. SWAT-Bot is the world's first mid sized robot designed solely for SWAT/SERT applications. It serves as a robotic ballistic shield, door breacher and vehicle/debris remover when the environment is deemed unsafe. The Robotic Ballistic Shield (RBS1) or “Swat Bot” concept was created in coordination with the Massachusetts State Police. It utilizes the RS1 base platform, a collapsible ballistics shield, and a hardened AR400 steel nose shield to protect those in the line of fire. Standard procedures for approaching a hostile environment means utilizing a shield barely larger than the human torso for protection. The “SWAT Bot” offers the operator and team adequate cover from hailing gunfire and explosive scenarios.


mindsi Edit patents: US 7,517,270; US 7,410,225; US 7,736,211; US 7,841,923;

track n go Edit Who would have thought that one day we could install 4 tracks on a vehicle in 15 minutes, while keeping the tires on and without any modifications of this vehicle. Well, after several years of research and development we are proud to present you the Track N Go system: "The first ever wheel driven track system", an innovation that will make it much easier to use tracks on your vehicles. Hack a scaled down version, allowing a 4x4 wheeled robot mobility in wet muddy conditions. patent to hack 8776931 B1 with south african fronting company.

Cayote ugv Edit Six wheeled, no hydraulic suspension, innovative usage of center wheel set.

ripsaw Edit New 1:8 RC Ripsaw tank full metal chassis with HG p601 crawler axles transmission.

banggood chassis Edit Tank model out of aluminium parts around $100. Scale design to any size using Solid Edge. tank chassis and tracks($100)

youtube Edit traxxass shocks on tank chassis 4min irobot ,

NXT robotics Edit Six wheel robot. Front and center wheels pivot around common axis at the front.

THE mule Edit six wheel setup, electric motor in each hub. Lifts front set of wheels up to climb over large obstacle, with center wheels providing pushover thrust. four wheel tracked mini robot each set of tracks mounted on a hub motor, allows for climbing over rocks.

grabcad Edit

Links Edit scriptable machine vision with python and thermal imaging. video of color tracking ability. minimalist self driving car. double bogie wheels