air powered[edit | edit source] We are working on installing a more elaborate water system before winter strikes, but we ran in to a huge problem: we needed to dig a trench on a 47 degree slope that had lots of tree roots and was full of rocks. This exact situation made it not ideal for an excavator OR a Ditch Witch, meaning we had to get creative. Jesse remembered that he knew someone that had a tool that used air to dig through soil, and he thought it just may do the task, so he gave him a call to see if we might be able to borrow it. Miraculously, he said yes, and we got to work! While we were off to a slow start due to a learning curve, this tool surpassed our expectations and we now have a 200' ditch 3' deep that we dug using air! Now, we're on to more challenges to getting a cistern and plumbing system in before winter, but at least our ditch is dug which we thought would be the hardest part!

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Modified spade[edit | edit source] The greatest tool any underground utility contractor could own. Bury wire and conduit faster and easier without the mess. Cost is $110 plus shipping & handling We have added a serious upgrade to electrical insulation. Quick jump to the actual use of the tool 3:12 Properly using the Wilton Thinline Trenching Spade. Getting extra depth out of the 10 inch spade.

Trenchers and Vibratory plow[edit | edit source]

Trenchers are used to cut a 20cm wide ditch into the soil for the laying of MDPE or HDPE(See CableJettingAndPipes) Through these pipes copper and fiber is pulled for a Telephone exchange. BR To cut a very thin slit to lay direct burial cable see VibratoryPlow.


NextTube Greenridged pipe used by Telkom[edit | edit source]

Telkom uses CableFlex from NextTube. It is a green ridged pipe. They come in lengths of 6m with clamps. The inside have a wax like substance to enable wires to be pulled through.

Ground preperation before trenching[edit | edit source]

If possible soak the soil with microsprayers for a two days before trenching. Large rocks through which the trencher can't cut is broken up with a JackHammer.

Ground penetrating radar[edit | edit source]

GroundPenetratingRadar plots utility lines.

Walk behind Trencher[edit | edit source]

*Walk-behind Trencher:
*Used walk-behind Trencher on for $2000




Tractor attachements: Vibratory plow, Trencher and Rock saw[edit | edit source]

Links[edit | edit source]

* HorizontalDirectionaldrilling
* VibratoryPlow
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