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Use Telkoms existing pole Edit

Using the existing Telkom pole or PolyPipeOnPerimeters - TelephoneNetworkRollout in your garden in the simplest and most cost effective way of building your own community DsLam telephone exchange. The TwistedPair are inserted into LDPE and cabletied to Telkom figure-8 or aerial suspension cable. Their cable is not damaged in the process.

Won't Telkom sue me ? Edit

No, SA is not America. You did not cut Telkom's pole down with a chainsaw - relax. You can only sue somebody if he physically damaged your property. You must convince the court of the actually damages. The court will only award damages proportional to the physical damages wrought. If you spanned a wire from your neighbours house to the next without permission, all your neighbour can do is cut the wire and press charges at the police who will just laugh at him. In the exact same manner that your neighbour won't be able to sue you in civil court, Telkom won't either: You did not damage their property.

Won't Icasa have me arrested ? Edit

No, Icasa can only press charges at the police who will just ignore Icasa. This whole issue is addressed under LegalPerspective. South-Africa's laws are a joke - don't believe everything Telkom, Icasa and the lawyers tells you. This thing cuts both ways. Telkom is more than welcome to plant their pole in our gardens, but we also have the moral right to clamp a few strands of TwistedPair copper wire to Telkoms poles, to implement CctvCameras via DsLam exchanges.

We must control the last mile Edit

Once your TwistedPair is clamped unto Telkom's poles in the street - play hardball with Telkom. Simply refuse their techies entry unto your property. Telkom is in no position to get court orders or any sort of huge confrontation with the people they are milking.

What would the reasonable man have done? Edit

Forget about the actuall letter of the law and focus on the spirit of the law: What would the reasonable man have done? It is only reasonable for a whole street to protect themselves via CctvCameras and DsLam in the most reasonable way: Clamp their own TwistedPair to Telkom's pole without damageing Telkom's property. It is simply unbelievable what is going on in this country, men acting like cowards to useless to protect their wifes and children by clamping a few trands of TwistedPair to Telkom's pole to enable a NetworkCentricWarfare and AwayOnHoliday.

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