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Wirelress Internet number assignment authority Edit wireless IP assingment is done so as to avoid IP clashes, a controlled site.

* ContactingWiana 1.x.x.x range is to identify a specific mesh box, it is like an alias.
* DhcpdRunableWiana
* ExampleOfWianaListing
* InitialSettings
* NodesMeshingInWiana
* ProhibitingAccess
* OrpahnNode
* LockWianaChangesNode
* TwoMeshboxexSameIp
* UnblockingAnode
* MinsigAndBroadunblock
* PortmapSettings
* PreferedGateway
* RememberWiana
* ScriptsWiana
* LockTorealm
* TroubleshootingWiana
* DiversitySettings
* DhcpLeasesNotHandedOut
* ModifyingLocalWiana
* MailServerWiana
* PrimaryCellAndDhcp
* ShowAllLeases
* WianaNodeCertificate
* MacHrdwareKeyandWianaIpaddress
* UnblockingAnode
* WianaRemotemanagement
* WianaSettings
* WianaRegister

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Setting up Users Edit

grep MAC

> gives nothing... why? I this only the current > > #cat /etc/wiana.settings

wiana.settings Edit

After making changes in Wiana it should be reflected in /etc/wiana.settings Type cat /etc/wiana.settings to get a listing WianaSettings

Automated signal testing Edit Edit

e: [MeshAPuser] MeshBox access via wiana

I don't use Locustworld at work and have no connection to the Mesh. However, was under the impression that addresses were translated so I could putty in from the internet.

The wiana network does not map directly into Internet address space, external connections are translated and will perhaps eventually slot into an ipv6 subnet

All your adresses only resolves to your uplink public IP (to the uplink gateway they use if you have more than one).

Two meshboxes Edit

> > I've got two boxes built up here. > > > > meshbox1 1 x radio card and 1 ethernet (connected to local lan) > > meshbox2 2 x radio cards

I logged in to both boxes and set the TUNNELTYPE:IP , (it was set to PPP on meshbox1 and did not exist on meshbox2)

I can now do a remotemanagement from meshbox2 and I see: {{{ remotemanagement Thu, 16 Sep 2004 12:11:03 +0100 Thu Sep 16 11:11:03 UTC 2004 Time updated AOK ACK 7608 received from Hardware key is: 362e2e394bc8882fe463b6f53374977f

  Ultra key is: 362e2e394bc8882fe463b6f53374977f

Stats processing. Done. }}}

If I do the same from meshbox1 I see: {{{ remotemanagement Time cached RUN

 % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed          Time


                                Dload  Upload Total    Current  Left

Speed 100 167 100 167 0 0 345 0 0:00:00 0:00:00 0:00:00 0 Download okay Key exists RUN COMPLETE }}}

Does that look ok? If I leave it a few mins and look at the wiana pages I still see Attention: 7 remote operations scheduled for meshbox1? However the pending operations for meshbox2 seem to have worked?

> There shouldn't be any problems in connecting your second box > to the Internet to get the box registered (that's what I did > and it worked for me). > This is also a "feature" of the meshboxes in that you can add > as many backbone connections as you can get (redundancy etc.) > I suggest that you get the box registered then let's look at > the other problems. > A quick caveat here - none of my kit uses 2 x radio cards so > I've no practical experience with this setup but I can't see > why you should have any problems.

> > meshbox1 1 x radio card and 1 ethernet (connected to local lan) > > meshbox2 2 x radio cards > > > > I've done a scratch build on both boxes from the flasher CD. > > build 1249.

> > I have done a wianaregister on mesh box 1 (I assume I > > must/should also do this from meshbox2?) I am unable to do > > the same from meshbox2? I can ping internet sites from > > meshbox2 fine, so the link > > between 1 and 2 is working, and indeed 'reporter' shows the > > two meshboxes also. > > Why o why can I not register meshbox2?

> I can ssh in to meshbox2 from meshbox1. If I issue remotemanagement I > get the following

> remotemanagement > Time cached

> Unknown result from >

> But I can ping fine:-

> ping > PING ( 56 data bytes > 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=247 time=35.314 ms > 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=247 time=32.489 ms > 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=247 time=35.673 ms > --- ping statistics --- > 3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss > round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 32.489/34.492/35.673/1.424 ms >

> There is no ethernet interface connected to this meshbox, > however the IP > of eth0 is which > is the same as a machine on my LAN?

> > Is it safe or sensible to plug a lan cable in to meshbox2 and > > register it this way, then remove it?

> > Also, when I log in to and try to manage meshbox1 > > (this is the only one which shows of course), whatever > > changes I make, they just seem to stack up, it now tells me I > > have 4 changes pending? I've tried rebooting both boxes but > > to no avail.

> The changes are still pending, its almost as though the communication > with WiaNa is working in one direction.