Best solution: Horizontal Axial flow Turbine[edit | edit source] by James Biggar Plans for this project are available here: for the 3m 3kwh version.(Mod the design, extending the blades to 5m and the power is 5kw). In this video I build and install the 3 kW Reaper wind turbine. I know it's long, so I posted some time stamps in the comments below to help you navigate to the parts that might interest you. This is a super efficient wind turbine with a 12 ft (3.7 m) diameter rotor driving two 12 coil/16 pole axial flux permanent magnet generators to eliminate the cogging resistance that's inherent in so many radial flux designs, and it has a power potential of 3 kW in a ~30 mph wind stream. In an area with a mean annual wind speed of 11 mph (5 mps) or higher, this turbine will produce 500 kWh+ of energy every month, nearly enough to take an avg home completely off the grid.

Chris Harbor[edit | edit source] About 4 years ago now i made a VAWT and it sat under my bench for years, recently i pulled it out and tested it in some strong wind. The results were disappointing. The alternator was working great but the wing design was just to inefficient. The next day i flipped it on its side and made a tail for it. I then did alot of reading on blade carving and carved some 1.6m blades.

Solution 1[edit | edit source]

Combine the Honeywell design with the brim cone design - Wind_energy#Brim_around_turbine from Japan or the Ogin shroud design(Wind_energy#Wind_tamer) and attach to planetary gearbox constructed with techniques from Machine design. Honeywell's blades remains at the same speed in excessive winds. A brim or circular shroud around a traditional three bladed setup doubles the output power by creating a low pressure pocket and thus higher pressure differential. Invented by Prof. Yuji Ohya from Kyushu University. , Ohya patents and see Grunfos wind turbines.

South-African unemployed people whom Honeywell cannot in effect sue(cannot go to jail for civil debt), manufactures the parts for kit assembly using Heated chamber 3d printing(design Patents hacked from Stratasys) and ships the individual parts accepting Bitcoin as payment. Proper Encryption prevents the surveillance-industrial-complex NSA from informing Honeywell and intercepting the shipments to international customers.(once a year the NSA shares all the trade secrets, phone transcripts etc. with the top 500 US companies under the misdirection of a 'cyber security seminar'. Cyber security is just a cover for the real purpose: revealing intercepted trade secrets. this is part of the nsa funding model.)

Honeywell wind turbine(sol2)[edit | edit source]


Blade tip power system purchase ,strip apart , HackPatents and upload design to internet. The blades actually reduce the speed if the wind goes above a certain speed, preventing the system from being damaged while still generating electricity. Other systems have to let the blade free-wheel proportional to the wind force in order to prevent mechanical damage to the system. TAM Wind Turbine uses a system of magnets and stators surrounding its outer ring, capturing power at the blade tips where speed is greatest. An alternative is to mount a planetary gearbox radially and centrally, but this will need a stronger support structure.

Torrent site.


Solution 3[edit | edit source]

Attach a small plantery gearbox to windmill. Gears are made on 4 axis Lathe with Gears_robot#Claudio_Grassi broaching, Metal casting and Sand casting. All tall commercial wind systems work on the planetary gearbox principle. The high speed end rotates a generator, this is preferred over an axial generator setup(circular arrangement of magnets) implemented by DIY hobby solutions. Also such planetary design has many expired patents. (sun gear).

Japan wind lens[edit | edit source]


Creates 3x the power of traditional hawt setup and reduces noise significantly. The shroud creates wind vortices and thus large pressure drop and differential. Patent.3621975 Wind power generator patent us8672622

Wind tamer Oginenergy[edit | edit source]

Similar design from ' Two airflows mix from different angles, creating a vortex. Ogin wind turbine youtube

Creates a vacuum behind blades generating twice the power of traditional wind turbines. Combine this idea with the gearbox less blades idea from Honeywell

inassignee:"Flodesign Wind Turbine Corporation"

inassignee:"Windtamer Corporation"

mixers and ejectors

Vertical turbine[edit | edit source]


greenenergy[edit | edit source] sells plans twin booster design vwt

Energy ball[edit | edit source] Fans ball The “Energy Ball”, a product from the Netherlands which is also sold in the neighbouring country of Belgium. The windmill is made by a company named “Home Energy” (read a snippet of their website in English, French and Swedish) . Energy_ball_urban_windmillThe Energy Ball, which can be placed on a roof or on a mast in the garden, is said to deliver more energy than a traditional windmill, and to generate electricity at a very low wind speed of 2 metres per second (Beaufort 2). The secret of these results is the “Venturi-effect”, inspired by river currents. Thanks to the “unusual and exceptional aerodynamic characteristics”, the machine creates a wind flow pattern that “converges first and is then accelerated through the rotor”. Furthermore, Home Energy labels the Energy Ball as "beautiful" and "noiseless", addressing two important objections against urban windmills: noise pollution and visual intrusion. Fanse ball. Print the curved fans with Heated chamber and do Metal casting, 3d_printers#Lost_PLA_casting out of aluminium

Solaraero[edit | edit source]

Brim around turbine[edit | edit source]

A brim around a traditional three bladed setup doubles the output power by creating a low pressure pocket and thus higher pressure differential. Invented by Prof. Yuji Ohya from Kyushu University.

Sheerwind[edit | edit source]

powerpod same type of concept takes wind from any direction and compresses it with venturi.


The exit port contains the Honeywell wind turbine. , 2meg project. Providing sustainable, affordable electrical energy to anyone, anywhere. SheerWind's patented INVELOX wind delivery system captures, concentrates, accelerates, and harvests wind power in a funnel or shroud. It is a solution that utilizes current wind power turbines and rotors but brings them to ground level for easier, safer, and cheaper operation and maintenance. Multiple turbines can be used in a row or series increasing output capacity for each tower. wind catcher max clone windtrap The Windtrap is a type VAWT wind and BAWT, faired with a "converging effect" and two turbines rotating-cons. This product consists of patented innovations:

Psiclone renewable energy[edit | edit source]

Cut in energy generation at 1km/h wind. Other systems start at 4km/h

1KW VAWT Powertree (Grid, Island, Hybrid)

The 1000w wind generator comprises a multiple bladed rotor with a vertical axle, and is designed as a so called upwind rotor. The nacelle is bolted to the airfoil mast, and houses the rotor, bearings and generator. The gearless synchronous generator produces three-phase alternating current. A wind vane is not required as the yaw drive functions automatically. . The yaw bearing with the slip ring joints is fitted below the airfoil mast. The bottom face of the yaw bearing forms a flange which can be used to connect a tubular mast.

Patented by Samir Buffkins, Norbert Jeschke

Farwest[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

Tri-Aero Blade Wind turbine[edit | edit source]

Iweather or Iweathar tri-aero blade wind turbine. Developed by Russel Witthuhn as reported in Eskom ETA awards south -africa 2012. Scan the design using a 3D-laser scanner to obtain CNC DXF files. It will also use some sort of variable frequency, variable voltage to DC converter

to document later[edit | edit source] Vertical wind turbine Vehicle gearbox allows for variable torque in different wind conditions.Wind systems or windmills are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to power generation. At a residential level, a turbine can provide the electricity needed if it is properly designed, sized and positioned in an obstacle-free area with high wind potential. Additional information at 0720 647 936 Image of variable pitch blades. grab image, chain sprocket setup give gearing factor of five. vertical turbine from romania as hacked by us company. which is fine, means there are no patents. In South Africa , copyright on hardware are meaningless as changing the design by 1mm invalidates the copyright. In contrast the UK has made copyright on physicals nearly akin to patents. South Africa's government has right discerned that patent protection only works one way: Down from rich white countries to the subjugation of black countries. Black majority countries can only export their minerals, not their manufactured goods. We must hack Patents to survive, note hack not "violate" nobody attacked the prince of Wales with a baseball bat, he wasn't "violated". blinking sail patent 7780416 propshaft turning alternator with universal joint. bike gearing home made windturbine pt2 magnetic gearing gen on vert gearbox diy large alternator at base of tower.

DIY kits[edit | edit source]

Vertical turbines aren't as efficient as lift hawt turbines, but they don't generate the noise pollution of hawt. You have to be at least 300m away from a hawt in strong winds for sufficient noise attenuation. The vertical design isn't patented, allowing for large scale deployment.planetary gearbox built with Lathe and Machine design reduces the need for the most expensive part, neodymium magnets. See Alternators for magnet and wiring construction.

Windgenkits.png Modify the design by attaching a diy built planetary gearbox to the underside.


Eeoliana 4 kw Gheraseni,Buzau,Romania PT. CONTACT 0762 347 997 and

vertogen[edit | edit source] Vertogen have developed the mechanism to create a Unique VAWT that not only has Variable Pitch but includes adaptable and adjustable pitch control system with a fully mechanical integrated governor. This equates to a Turbine that can be tuned to start easily, operate at a Given RPM without any external Control Automatically.

starkwind[edit | edit source] The wings were rebuilt by Lenz on C-rotor. Now the wind turbine turns on almost without wind. I sell the windmill as a set. In the set are 3 wings completely assembled or alternatively as a kit to mate (just plug in and stick together, better weld), the upper and the lower wing holder. Assembly time for 3 blades maximum one hour. All you need is a 20mm shaft or equivalent pipe, the 2 flange bearings around the shaft and of course the frame around the windmill. Price on request and depending on the quantity.

techcarbon[edit | edit source] and Helix wind turbines from Techcarbon were successfully commissioned in Oberhaching near Munich. We would like to thank our customer Thomas Markl GmbH! Thanks also to "Das-Bau-Team" Unterschleissheim, Instal Engineering GmbH Garching[edit | edit source] Turbine build tutorial: The generator is rated at 1.5HP / ~1kW which the turbine should be doing in about a 60 km/h wind, at about 90 volts. This video is just an incidental update, mostly on the new chain drive prototype and pole mount configuration, I'll be doing a full documented update at some point soon. The cost breakdown is about $25 for the turbine itself, $45 for the treadmill motor as generator, and $95 for the pole, steel rope and fixings etc. Known Issues With The Video: ~ Yes the steel ropes start out mounted below the turbine then jump to above it, turns out they work a lot better up there. ~ Yes the pole wobbles a bit, in future I'll have probably just some polyprop rope to the pole mid point to lock that off and stabilize the whole thing. ~ Yes the chain is off when the turbine is up and spinning, I didn't have it tensioned well and it dropped but then also didn't have the time or assistance to take the pole down and re-establish it before I had to leave. It does work fairly well tho. ~ Yes for now you're going to have to take my word for that. ~ The video is largely out of focus but my phone camera either auto focuses constantly or not at all and the latter is slightly less annoying. ~ The turbine does pop a bit when it spins, but it's not loud and I'll try to resolve that. ~ Yes the back two ropes are crossed at the top, that's for reasons.

youtube uploaders[edit | edit source] muddyman 26 part series on rotor magnets for wind turbine.

Lynxwind diy[edit | edit source] Plans available for DIY construction.

blackhawk wind energy[edit | edit source] vertical access wind turbine with articulating rotor. Basic operating fundamentals of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Articulating Rotor (VAWT/AR), US Pat# 7,677,862.

California energy and power company[edit | edit source]

Californiawind.png most efficient vertical turbine. twisted helical design. probably patented. California Energy and Power. Axis is connected with chain and sprocket to planetary gearbox generator. Wind deflection shroud or concentrator basically an aircraft wing is mounted axially in front of the vertical blades, creating a pressure differential. The design produces 10x more power than traditional vertical design in dense packed turbines. With more turbines per unit area, there is more dilution of the available wind energy for them all.

anew institute[edit | edit source]

200kwh design, probably the most efficient design but not sure if patented. These patents will eventually expire, hence energy prices are on an unstoppable downwards trajectory. Eskom is out of touch with reality.

Anewwind333.png (to image video)

shroud over vwt[edit | edit source] Montaż tur same type of design

wind lens turbine[edit | edit source] destructs in high winds, honeywell's patented blades cuts in and turns at a max revolution speed preventing this.

AEROGENERATEUR BSB[edit | edit source]

Patented INPI BR 20 2013 015544 1 GRU 0000221304370369

At the same power AEROGENERATOR BSB takes 4 times less volume equalizes than a horizontal axis wind turbine (Hawt). Its obstruction is a cylinder low height whereas (HAWT) uses a speric volume whose diameter is equal to the height.

French subtitled in English For several years Youtube helps me to communicate my work on a revolutionary vertical axis wind turbine. The creation of the holding company "BSB ENGINEERING" will aim to develop the prototype and validate the product AEROGENERATOR BSB before marketing. Today I am no longer alone. Jean Christophe de Lustrac engineer arts and crafts m has joined in this adventure. We are looking for eager to enter the capital "BSB ENGINEERING" financial partners. Participation is within your means, € 1,000 to € 100,000. If everything goes as we have planned, you will not regret it. your actions will explode. Our current needs are of € 600K. We will soon be looking for distributors and dealers licensed installer in all regions of the world. Finally, if this project interests you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions.

Kestrelwind[edit | edit source] rexroth hydraulic and planetary gear actuaing system to control pitch blades.

Skywind[edit | edit source]

Uses six blades, instead of three, which is more efficient. in commercial production, which is significant. many of the designs are not feasible. hack the design and add a planetary gearbox radially. is the competitor, same design.

Generators DIY[edit | edit source]


Links[edit | edit source]

Video of device

Video of device Mag-Wind

For power conversion to electrical , use the dynometer idea from solar links on making a home-made DIY dino 1kwH . lots of links ready to reverse engineer with HackPatents and sell in South Africa via fronting companies.

Windspire[edit | edit source] Vaal University of Technology head of the Innovation Centre Jan Jooste has developed a new configuration of the vertical axis wind turbine, which he stated could realise a shift in wind energy generation from horizontal axis wind turbines, as well as significantly lower wind energy generation costs.

Guswind[edit | edit source]

Switf turbine[edit | edit source]

Cable supported windmills[edit | edit source] Stacks of windmills cable supported turning each its own bevel gear connected to shaft turning rotor.

DIY[edit | edit source]

Airborne turbines[edit | edit source]

biomimicry windpower[edit | edit source] whale humps google - Tubercle Technology youtube The Altra-Air Fan now features WhalePower Technology. boxer fish whalepower patent

Gorlov turbine[edit | edit source]

Eoliana[edit | edit source] Horizontal sales .

Forums[edit | edit source] variable pitch with stepper motor DIY hobby forum

reprap windturbine and stirling engine[edit | edit source] 3d printed turbines and stirling engines. Plans available for $10.

Spiral[edit | edit source]

Saphonia[edit | edit source]

icewind[edit | edit source]

this is a scam, evaluate the other vertical designs rather. The IceWind CW turbine is the first product designed by IceWind and has been in trials now for 7 years. The CW was originally made for non-geothermal areas in the harsh Icelandic weather conditions but suits well for all residential applications. ,

Links[edit | edit source] zephyr no noise

The blades, spokes and torque tube are made of advanced composite materials including carbon fibre for weight, reduction, stiffness and longevity. The brakes modified with enhanced anti – corrosive properties, increased power despite decreased energy consumption. Military grade marine rating for aggressive environments. The qr turbine is a recognised, iconic design with strong aerodynamic performance. Small wind turbine designed and developed in the UK, manufactured in the UK. wepower vertical wind, silent operation. from top 10 wind designs. spiral vertical wind. The internationally patented Hush Turbine, whose co-inventor is called Tom Lundgaard Pedersen of South Yarra (eg, US No. 20030223585), which is characterized by a large number of obliquely forward-facing, encircling rotor blades, will be in the wind tunnel in September 2005 tested by RMIT University. top 10 turbine designs. Turbine at building edge, catches updraft.

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