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Just a couple of points, the XI-626 are very much still available in the UK and Zcomax seem happy to continue to supply in considerable quantity.

Note that what happens as new technology comes online is that the production lines are physically needed for the new products. New products trickle off pilot lines while they get tooling and processes optimised and get the failure rate down. Then the main lines have to ramp up very quickly.

So there are lots of factors which influence when products become discontinued. > I would imagine because technology has moved on 11,22,54 and now 108mbs. > With the higher speed cards cheaper than i paid for my first 11mbs card, > makes them obsolete.

> Just had an update through from Zcomax themselves... They have only > > Discontinued supplies in US! They are still available in UK at £28 each + > > VaT plus carriage for an order of 10. So panic over... But I would like to > > Know of any other MeshAp compatible pci cards... Any suggestions from > > Anyone?? Also why have they stopped US sales??? Strange!! > Used Netgear cards off ebay. > Is it now possible to move to 54mbs (or higher) ? Does the 'free' meshap > Software support them and what cards work ? > I remember someone posting a while back about PCI cards... Cant find any > Replies?? Maybe I missed them!! Sorry!! For last few months we have been > Using the expensive but good Zcomax XI-626. I just went to order another 10 > And found them discontinued!! What are the rest of you using???? We want a > Reliably reasonably priced PCI card!!! Cheers!! There must be some > Available??? In the UK???

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